Choosing a plastic and cosmetic surgeon

Choosing a plastic and cosmetic surgeon

Choosing a plastic and cosmetic surgeon

By choosing one of the members of the Iranian Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons, you can have a better choice for surgery.

Proficiency in reconstructive surgery, which is part of plastic and cosmetic surgery, made our country's plastic surgeons so familiar and capable that they provided cosmetic surgery easily and excellently to people who needed surgery. The headline of plastic and cosmetic surgery is the aesthetic nature of human beings and this is also rooted in the original Iranian culture.. This issue has a special place in our religious teachings and according to Allah Jamil and Yahb Al-Jamal, the creator and creature love beauty..

Of nose surgery | دکتر مجید راستی

Fortunately, Iranian surgeons in all fields of this field have sufficient knowledge and ability and are at the level of prestigious countries in this field.. Many plastic and cosmetic surgeries are performed daily in our country with very good results. The nose, which is one of the most prominent and prominent parts of the face, has the most beauty practice in our country.. Our specialists in this field have unique abilities and skills. Unfortunately, the involvement of non-specialists in this field has always been a problem for patients and this association.

The current organization of this association is surgeons who have completed full courses in general surgery and after receiving the certificate of full courses in general surgery, they also pass a full course in plastic surgery.. Then they receive the above degree of plastic specialization (Plastic surgery).

We hope that our dear compatriots will find full knowledge and confidence in the science and art of Iranian surgeons in this field and will meet their beauty needs with peace of mind so that they do not feel remorse for what they have done..

Choose a surgeon you can trust

Plastic surgery, whether in order to rebuild with the aim of beauty or, need an abundance of choices is . First and foremost, choose a reliable surgeon . One of the best indicators of a physician education, having the Encyclopaedia Board. . From your surgeon about plastic surgery Board of the encyclopedia was the question, because it is the only encyclopedia that represents a person's qualifications may be to perform facial plastic surgery and all other areas of the body .