Choosing a facial and nose cosmetic surgeon

Choosing a facial and nose cosmetic surgeon

Facial and nose cosmetic surgeon

Facial and nose cosmetic surgeon | Today, many people, especially women, are looking for more beauty, so they perform different cosmetic surgeries, among which facial and nose cosmetic surgeries are very common and are very popular..

Stay with us with interesting and readable content دکتر مجید راستی Of nose surgery و فوق تخصص جراحی پلاستیک اصفهان :

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Choosing a facial and nose cosmetic surgeon

People who intend to perform facial cosmetic surgery, in order to find an expert and master surgeon, can perform the actions that we will mention in the following. :

  1. People can get help from their acquaintances and friends or search for a facial plastic surgeon on the internet.
  2. When the patient obtains a list of facial and nose cosmetic surgeons in his city, he can refer to their website and Instagram to see their work samples and read about their educational records in addition to seeing their work portfolios..
  3. Patients can go to the office of their chosen surgeons and participate in a consultation session with them, and they can also talk to their patients in person about their level of satisfaction..
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After choosing a facial and nose cosmetic surgeon, the patient can make an appointment for cosmetic surgery.

Features of the best facial and nose cosmetic surgeon

  • The best facial plastic surgeon is the one whose first priority is the patient's health.
  • A facial cosmetic surgeon must have the ability to create a sense of trust in patients.
  • A facial and nose cosmetic surgeon must have sufficient mastery of the science of aesthetics.
  • The facial surgeon must be able to choose the best method for treating the patient and give sufficient information about it to the patient.

If the patient has an unreasonable request, the facial cosmetic surgeon should be able to convince him based on his knowledge and refuse to operate on the patient if he insists on his unreasonable request..

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Nose surgery

The nose is the prominent part of the face, which has a great impact on the beauty of the face, so rhinoplasty has gained many fans. جراحی بینی به دو روش جراحی باز و بسته انجام می گیرد که انتخاب کدام یک از این روش ها بستگی به شرایط بیماران و نظر جراح بینی has it.

Rhinoplasty is a safe surgery, and if it is performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon and attention is paid to the points before and after it, it does not pose any danger to people; Otherwise, there will be a possibility of risks such as severe pain, infection, non-clearing of the nasal cavities, bleeding, breathing and smell problems, and so on..

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The cost of rhinoplasty varies in each person according to various parameters; For this reason, it is recommended to beauty-seeking people to perform nose job; For detailed information about the cost of nose surgery, consult a doctor . هزینه نهایی جراحی زیبایی بینی ، پس از معاینه بیمار توسط Of nose surgery ، مشخص می گردد.

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