Nose contouring with rhinoplasty

Nose contouring with rhinoplasty

Nose contouring with minimally invasive rhinoplasty

All applicants tend to use the best techniques such as during nose surgery Nose line contour be applied to them; In addition, they want this process to be done for them with minimal invasion and leaving scars. One of the types of minimally invasive nose surgeries is preservation rhinoplasty with a closed method. During this procedure, a skilled surgeon can fix the defects and complete the contour of the nose by making only limited incisions inside the nose and causing minimal damage to the tissues..

Tip : Performing this technique in primary rhinoplasty can achieve a better result in comparison with restorative surgery; Because it is possible that in nose reconstruction, due to re-applying a series of changes on the tissue as well as the presence of some defects, the surgeon may notice limitations in the process of nose contouring..

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Surgical technique for nasal line contour

As we mentioned, noses come in different types of bone and flesh. Fleshy noses generally have a weaker structure and their appearance is usually wide, without any particular angle or arch. On the other hand, bony noses are made up of solid tissues, and for some people, protrusions can be seen on the bone..

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According to the mentioned differences, the contour of the nose will definitely not be the same for each of them. For some, this change is caused by increasing the tissue and for some by decreasing the tissue of the nose. In noses that have a weaker structure, the surgeon may use a graft or flap technique in order to create a line and give it an angle.. In this way, it can contour the nasal line by adding connective tissue and strengthening the structure. This technique is usually done for fleshy noses.

In bony noses, which generally have strong and sufficient tissue, instead of using extra cartilage, a skilled surgeon performs the contour of the nasal line by making changes and shaving the bone as needed.. Of course, taking into account that the defects of each nose are different from another nose, the surgeon may face other challenges during the operation, which if he has the necessary expertise, he will be able to overcome these cases by using the right technique..

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Tip : Note that it is possible to need a graft and tissue addition in bone nose contouring. But in general, the surgeon's effort is to perform this technique with minimal intervention in the tissues.

Contour of nasal line in reconstructive rhinoplasty

If the initial operation of the nose is not accompanied by good results, the person is likely to undergo surgery again in order to repair the nose. During the initial surgery, if you do not choose your surgeon correctly and do not take pre-operative and post-operative care seriously, you may put the new appearance of your nose at risk and negative changes.. It is possible that some of the applicants were not familiar with the category of nasal line contour when they applied for the initial operation of their nose, and after familiarizing themselves with this technique, this will lead them to perform a reconstructive operation..

But is it possible to contour the nose in reconstructive surgery?

Regarding this matter, you should remember that the nose has lost its original and natural structure in the first operation, and other new problems may have appeared in addition to the previous problems.. Therefore, you should not expect that the contour of the nose line will be done for you 100%. Because the first goal is to solve nose problems; Especially if it is malfunctioning. However, in cases where there is no specific defect on the nose and the beautician decides to perform a reconstructive procedure only because of its contour, it can be said that the result will be more favorable.. باز هم در این خصوص بایستی با جراح بینی مشورت نمایید و در صورت صلاحدید ایشان برای ایجاد خط کانتور ، مجدداً تحت عمل جراحی بینی قرار بگیرید.

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The cost of surgery with contour line nose technique

Specifically, the more professional a process is performed and the excellent result obtained from it, it means that it was performed under the supervision of an expert and skilled person.. بنابراین وقتی می خواهید برای عمل بینی اقدام نمایید به جای هزینه ، انتخاب یک جراح بینی با تجربه باید اولویت شما باشد. Now, regarding the cost of operation with the line contour technique, it should be noted that in addition to the mentioned method, several other factors are involved in this matter.. When a professional technique is added to the process, it makes sense that the cost will increase a bit.

In addition, you should also consider the fees of the surgeon, anesthesiologist and the deposit slip of the treatment center. You can get more detailed information after visiting the surgeon and being examined by him.


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