The best age for rhinoplasty surgery

The best age for rhinoplasty surgery

The best age for rhinoplasty

The best age for rhinoplasty | People of different ages may want to do Nose surgery Or use a shrink بینی گوشتی Have. Teenagers are almost more influenced by their peers than other age groups. For many teenagers, a very large or misshapen nose can be a source of annoyance, embarrassment and discomfort.

nose plastic surgery In different age ranges, it helps to correct the appearance of the nose, and in addition, it helps to maintain the balance and proportion of a younger face, and as a result, a kind of emotional support is provided for this very sensitive age group..

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Rhinoplasty process

رینوپلاستی یا nose plastic surgery It is a facial cosmetic procedure that is usually performed to improve the appearance or reconstruct the nose. Done successfully عمل بینی It is necessary to follow the points before and after the nose surgery.

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Open or closed nose tip surgery

The doctor during the operation رینوپلاستی It uses local anesthesia or general anesthesia. After anesthesia, the surgeon makes incisions between or inside the nostrils. The skin is separated from the cartilage or bone and then the process of changing the shape of the nose begins. If the nose needs some extra cartilage, the doctor may remove some from the ear or deep inside the nose. If more cartilage is needed, an implant or bone graft is likely to be used. A bone graft is actually a bone that is added to the nasal bone.

The right age for rhinoplasty

The minimum age at which rhinoplasty can be performed is around 18 years old because the nose is fully developed. In general, men's noses have thicker skin, so they are shaped differently after surgery than women's, which is an important factor that can change the overall process of nose surgery and shape change..

Weather Forecast for women compared to men is more obvious and more subtle. Many women prefer to have a broken nose, which is a subtle indentation along the bridge of the nose just above the tip of the nose.. This feature is usually not desirable for men because it gives a feminine look to the tip of the nose. A woman's nose may also be slightly shorter than a man's.

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Performing nose surgery at a younger age requires the existence of certain conditions, such as congenital abnormalities, obstruction or severe deviation of the nasal airway, which require functional corrections.. Such an operation should be determined for each patient based on the symptoms of nasal deformity. Other issues that are important are::

Of nose surgery | Tilting of the tip of the nose after rhinoplasty .

Rhinoplasty when a person has matured physically and emotionally .

Rhinoplasty is a common procedure that many teenagers think about. Although there are no specific age conditions, surgeons consider some general cases in teenage patients. The first thing is whether the patient is physically mature or is he still growing?

Second, is the patient emotionally mature? Rhinoplasty is a serious operation and its results can be extremely variable and sudden. Adolescent patients should be emotionally prepared for surgery and understand what may happen as a result of this procedure..

Minimum time to perform rhinoplasty

16 years old is probably the minimum possible age to ensure that the nasal bones are fully grown before the desired cosmetic surgery.. Rhinoplasty can be performed at any age as long as the patient is in good physical health.

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The maximum suitable time to perform rhinoplasty surgery

There is no predetermined amount for the maximum possible time for rhinoplasty. An elderly person in good health may be well suited for such a procedure. In general, the following are recommended for patients over 50 years old:

  1. Complete examination of the medical condition in terms of physical condition and medical history
  2. Cardiovascular examinations with stress test
  3. After examining the person, the surgeon will be able to determine whether the patient is a suitable person for such an operation or not.
Surgery when nasal growth is confirmed .

The best age is when the growth of the nose has slowed down and reached a stable condition, and the best person to diagnose this condition is yourself.. This is when the nose has not changed for more than a year.

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