6 care tips for secondary rhinoplasty surgery

6 care tips for secondary rhinoplasty surgery

Determining the purpose of secondary rhinoplasty

رینوپلاستی ثانویه | It is necessary that before the action the purpose of We need to tell this group of patients what can happen if colloids in the nose occur To be determined. Some patients want to change the shape and appearance of their nose, and others suffer from structural problems of the nose. In these cases, it is necessary to examine the nose and the internal structure of the nose before the operation and during the consultation session. On the other hand, some patients only want changes in the appearance of the nose, while the structure of the nose has underlying problems and needs to be corrected. These things are told to the patient during the consultation session.

Important points before secondary rhinoplasty

  • Smoking should be stopped for four weeks before surgery. Nicotine in cigarettes affects the healing process. For repair, proper blood flow is needed for damaged tissues to heal.
  • Have frozen peas and water and salt solution ready at home before surgery. These items are very important for the postoperative period.
  • Wear comfortable clothes on the day of surgery. Button-down dresses are better than t-shirts that don't need to be worn over the head.
  • For the comfort of the patient, it is recommended to use an inhaler at night so that the throat is soft and dry in the first few days after the operation.. This is to relieve dry mouth and throat. For the first few days after surgery, the nose is blocked and the person breathes through the mouth, which causes dryness.
  • You need a member of your family, relatives and friends to be with you after surgery. Therefore, it is very important to coordinate with them before the operation. You need a companion for at least 48 hours after surgery. Having someone with you to prepare drinks and liquid foods can be very helpful. Also, having a companion to take the medicines at the exact time can be very important. After the surgery, you will need a companion to drive you home because you cannot drive. Rhinoplasty is performed under anesthesia and the person cannot drive in this condition.
  • Adequate rest – The body needs adequate rest to repair the damaged area. Patients are advised to walk and stay upright as much as possible, but they should know their limits and avoid strenuous activities..
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Of nose surgery | رینوپلاستی ثانویه

6 important points about care after secondary rhinoplasty

۱- Companion after surgery
There are many pros and cons of rhinoplasty. After the repair operation, it is necessary to have a companion with the person to drive and take him home. Because the nose job is done under anesthesia and the person is not very conscious after the surgery.

۲- Avoiding certain medications
After the secondary rhinoplasty operation, as with many surgical procedures, it is necessary to avoid certain drugs. Taking medications that thin the blood can delay the healing process. Among these drugs, we can mention aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E and some herbal medicines.

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۳- Sleeping and resting after surgery
After nose surgery, the head needs to be slightly higher than normal and it is recommended to use two pillows under the head so that blood does not accumulate in the head area.. It is also recommended that the person rests as much as possible and does not put too much pressure on the head.

۴- Sticking to the nose
Bonding after nose reconstruction surgery may be very important. Gluing must be done correctly. This work is done by the doctor and is gradually taught to the patient.

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۵- Nasal massage
After the operation, at the discretion of the doctor, you can use a massage with a suitable technique to give the nose a proper shape and repair it faster..

۶- The right time to see the result of secondary rhinoplasty surgery
Usually, after the initial nose surgery, it is recommended to wait a year to see the results of the surgery. But after the nose repair operation, this time is shorter. But still, in some cases, it may take a year to see the result.


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