The reason for not regaining consciousness after nose surgery

The reason for not regaining consciousness after nose surgery

Can nose surgery cause death?

Not regaining consciousness after nose surgery | You must have heard that every good action may have a bad side. Nose surgery There is no exception to this rule. At رینوپلاستی also (Like any other type of surgery that requires anesthesia)The possibility of not regaining consciousness after عمل بینی وجود دارد. In other words, there is always a risk of death Nose surgery It will be there during the operation.

In this article, while examining the percentage of death in Nose surgery, we address the issue that عمل بینی Who is it dangerous for?.

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Factors increasing the probability of death in nose surgery

While there is always a risk of death, this risk varies greatly between types of surgery and patients. Personal health history (including diabetes, Respiratory problems and history سیگار کشیدن), age, weight, family health history and general health status directly affect the probability of death عمل بینی Affect.

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Of nose surgery | The reason for not regaining consciousness after nose surgery .

What are the most important causes of nose surgery death?

Risk of death in Nose surgery It is less for a healthy person than for an unhealthy person. A person with an infection is more at risk than an uninfected person. The risk of death due to cnasal passage It is more common in smokers than in non-smokers. While inactivity can be considered as one of the important causes of death Nose surgery named.

In addition, a history of problems during anesthesia in the past increases the possibility of complications in subsequent anesthesias.. Even in some cases, if a close family member has problems in this area, this problem may appear in other people as well..

One of the serious reactions to anesthetic drugs is malignant hyperthermia (malignant hyperthermia) which causes the patient to develop a very high fever when exposed to anesthesia. In these cases, the skill of the anesthesiologist can increase the probability of death Nose surgery This in itself can lead to increased inflation. However, it should be noted that death during and immediately after surgery is usually a result of a reaction to anesthesia..

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According to all the things we mentioned, usually death from Nose surgery It is rare and occurs when the body has an adverse reaction to anesthetic drugs or after surgery.. Although infection can also be one of the important factors.

What is the probability of death in nose surgery?

Some people ask, "What is the death rate in reconstructive rhinoplasty?" Or some look for the possibility of death due to this surgery. Response to the possibility of death from the effect Nose surgery It is like answering the question whether driving causes death.

In fact, the more experience the doctor has, the less likely it is. In general, due to anesthesia or dysfunction of hospital devices and equipment, such as oxygen deficiency, anesthesia ventilation system malfunction, etc., death may occur due to Nose surgery to occur. Try to be smart in choosing a doctor and hospital.

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What is the reason for not regaining consciousness after nose surgery?

The reasons for not regaining consciousness may be the use of anesthetic drugs in people suffering from heart problems, diabetes, respiratory problems, kidney diseases, digestive system and endocrine glands, brain injuries, etc.. For this reason, these drugs should be used by a specialist doctor with complete caution.

Is nose job dangerous?

In rhinoplasty, the goal is to narrow the lower part of the nose as much as possible. To achieve this goal, you can have a narrower nose by applying pressure on the thick and fatty cartilage of the middle blade.. If too much cartilage is removed due to the possibility of irreversible complications and permanent skin damage meaty nose job It can be dangerous.


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