How to pray after rhinoplasty

How to pray after rhinoplasty

How to pray after rhinoplasty

This article is taken from the treatises explaining the issues of the great authorities of Taqlid and also online correspondence with their offices and its purpose is to acquaint patients with how to perform acts of worship and how to pray after rhinoplasty.. Because one of the most important issues that patients face during this period is how to perform acts of worship. The maximum time you have to deal with this problem is two months, which is divided into the following two time periods according to the patient :

دکتر مجید راستی | Of nose surgery | How to pray after rhinoplasty

Surgery day until the end of the first week : (Existence of dressing on the face)

How to pray : You are not allowed to bend your head completely for bowing and prostration, but you can stand, then stand up first, to do as much bowing as you can, without lowering your head, bend your body forward and sit for prostration, then release the seal. Lift up. Now if you can bring the head to the seal and put the forehead on the seal and if you can not bring the seal to the head and put it on the forehead. But you should place your palms, knees, and toes on the floor like a normal prostration.

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How to pray after rhinoplasty | Of nose surgery

The second week until the end of the second month : (Existence of glue on the face)

How to pray : As it was mentioned, you should first perform ablutions for each time of prayer for two months and as long as you use the glue, and then carefully perform tayammum in exchange for ablutions. . Now, if you are able, bend your head and pray according to the usual routine. But stand to pray until you can not bow your head. Bend as much as you can to perform bowing. Sit down to prostrate and place your forehead on the seal that you have previously placed on a high surface, but you should place your palms, knees, and toes on the ground like a normal prostration..

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It is worth mentioning that these issues are in accordance with the fatwas of most of the great authorities of Taqlid. You should refer to your imitation reference book for more detailed information.. The great authorities agree on most of the issues mentioned, and only in these cases can there be differences between their opinions. :
• The intention of the tayammum is clear .
• The necessity of performing tayammum after ablution .
• The difference between tayammum in exchange for ablution and tayammum in exchange for ghusl .
• Recite the prayers that have been performed during this period.

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