Treatment drooping tip of the nose after nose surgery

Treatment drooping tip of the nose after nose surgery

The treatment of drooping nose tip after rhinoplasty requires reconstructive nose surgery to create a proper shape in the nose.

After rhinoplasty, if the patient suffers from drooping, he needs to wait for about 1 year before performing rhinoplasty..

As you know, reconstructive rhinoplasty is more difficult than primary rhinoplasty, and in order to treat nasal tip drooping after rhinoplasty, the surgeon must check whether there is an adequate amount of cartilage left in the nose and in the first rhinoplasty, so that the surgeon can shape the nose. to create a suitable shape in the tip of your nose and treat the tip of the nose drooping after rhinoplasty in reconstructive surgery correctly.

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Try not to go for nose surgery جراح بینی Refer competently and competently because this type of surgery has a great effect on beauty and may disturb the balance of the face if performed incorrectly..

If still looking for one جراح بینی You are fine, and you don't know who to choose to perform your nose surgery so that you don't face any special problems after the surgery, I suggest you to get to know Mr. Dr. Rasti and have a consultation with him..

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