Plastic surgery; undeniable

Plastic surgery; undeniable

Plastic surgery is now an undeniable fact that the culture is to be done in the right way; while natural world figures like.

Plastic surgery is a tool that can be use it rightly or wrongly; for example people come and expect that their face by pulling the overall change, this action is not possible and a number of false beliefs. I remember that photo of bad man and told me that if this person to do your surgery, they don't do surgery.

Unfortunately, in the practice of plastic surgery and beauty of some false beliefs out there that we should be against it.

It is necessary to explain that here it's always the nose must be in proportion to the face. Her nose definitely balanced nose people is not the nose sometimes acted with the for people not balance.

Plastic surgery is not a denial of the truth, which should be in the way of making culture right; while the all natural face the world like people but do not know why the Iranians with a natural face, unfortunately, have problems and do not like to be natural.

Here it is necessary to say, restorative practice it is very difficult. Always take down much easier than rebuilding is. So my advice to people is that it is thought to go ahead.

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