Male nose surgery

Male nose surgery

Men's expectations of the final shape of the nose

Male Rhinoplasty | Men's motivation for rhinoplasty is an interesting question to think about, but in the end, every boy has a set of reasons for rhinoplasty. As long as your reasons are genuine and you are in good health, you will be a good candidate for the operation . There are important things to be successful in rhinoplasty. Most importantly, you need a professional to work on your nose.

Normal people do not hesitate to undergo rhinoplasty when they are not satisfied with the appearance of their nose. Apart from all these issues, in the competitive work and social environment, it is reasonable to want to have suitable and balanced characteristics that reflect your strength and self-confidence.. The reasons for surgery vary between patients. Usually, functional factors as well as beauty make a man to undergo rhinoplasty.

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Do I really need a male rhinoplasty specialist?

You want to do it right once. Unfortunately, reconstructive surgeries are not that unusual, especially if you have not chosen your surgeon carefully. An experienced surgeon uses precise and appropriate surgical techniques that will address every aspect of the nose. It will also help you to recover as quickly as possible.

Even if a problem occurs, the male cosmetic surgery specialist knows how to control it in the best way so that your recovery process goes normally and no major problems occur..

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What should be expected from men's rhinoplasty surgery?

If you wish, you can make your nose bigger by using cosmetic surgery. Some men believe that the only way to make the nose smaller is through surgery. In fact, the male cosmetic surgery specialist can add cartilage from other parts, such as ears or ribs, to your nose structure if needed and to achieve the desired result..

Many men have reported increased self-confidence after rhinoplasty. You may feel more active, energetic, and social as a result of your new and improved appearance, or simply because you're dealing with breathing problems you've been struggling with before..

Men will not look like women after undergoing cosmetic surgery. Unless you're looking for a girly look that جراح بینی It will give you confidence in male nose surgery . That you will be a modified version of yourself and not look like a model or women. Choose a surgeon with proven abilities in male rhinoplasty, and someone who is easy to communicate with.. After the surgery, you should achieve a perfect appearance and a nose that perfectly matches your face.

Men will usually return to work or school within a week. Everyone's recovery process is different, but you will usually feel better within a few days. And depending on the physical conditions of your work, you can return to work after a week. You will still have swelling . But people you don't have much connection with, don't understand. Every day you will feel that your nose is better.

Many men will have rhinoplasty without their friends or colleagues knowing. That's right, you might know a guy who got a nose job — but you didn't find out who did it. Since your cosmetic surgeon has years of experience (that you have researched and come to a conclusion), your nose to improve appearance (And if necessary, improve breathing) will shape. You will still look like you.

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Of nose surgery | جراحی بینی مردان .

Men's nose surgery

Rhinoplasty is the same for men and women: Creating a shape of the nose that allows good breathing and also improves the appearance of the face. An excellent rhinoplasty will bring all these features for men and women. It can improve your appearance, visibility and even presence in the photo. The new shape of the nose after surgery for men and women should be more attractive than before . And at the same time it looks natural. Even your result should be like this . which will make your eyes, cheeks and smile better than before. Almost only the best plastic surgeon, the best among male plastic nose surgeons can achieve excellent results in every surgery and on every patient..

Men's noses are usually wider . And the bridge of their nose is higher than women; In general, their noses are longer and their facial skin is thicker. usually bone and cartilage that make up the structure of the nose . It is thicker and denser in men. To achieve successful results, "male rhinoplasty" must be tailored to your unique anatomy and aesthetic sense..

The unique goals of rhinoplasty in men

Usually, boys are looking for strong and bigger noses than women, and they like rough and prominent looks more. A man's goal in relation to the tip of his nose is to be relatively thin and slightly higher . that girls are looking for.

Be sure to find a surgeon who listens to your preferences . Not to include your favorite form with other people's favorites in the same category . He should consider your preferences to achieve your desired results. Use any method and all tools to achieve your goal of rhinoplasty - including pictures of friends or famous people who you find attractive, pictures of the surgeon's previous patients who you think had good results, or draw a picture of yourself or computer images..

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If you want the tip of your nose to be shaved longer than most men . Or if you like the shape of your nose and don't want it removed . Be sure to tell the surgeon. Carefully follow the words and plans of the cosmetic surgeon to achieve the common things you have agreed on . listen. Make sure you understand exactly what is going to happen and what outcome you should expect. Make sure the plans match your goals for the new nose.

Of nose surgery | جراحی بینی مردان ..

Rhinoplasty for men brings quick results .

In the early stages of the recovery period and after removing the nasal plaster, you will be able to achieve the desired result in the general shape of the nose.. After the operation, you need a period of 2 weeks to heal and provide the possibility of removing the bruises and reducing the swelling.

In fact, some swelling will remain for about a year, especially after a revision operation. Of course, until then, only you will be able to detect any swelling. The swelling that remains will be very slight . So your nose will get better and better over time. Usually, 1 to 3 months after the operation, most of the swelling will disappear.

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