How Botox injections lasts?

How Botox injections lasts?

تزریق بوتاکس

For years doctors have used Botox to treat facial wrinkles successful.
Botox is a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum brand is. Brands such as Dysport and there Zyvmyn.

How does Botox?

Botox blocks communication between nerve cells and muscles. The injected muscles with the nervous system. This is a soft and relaxing wrinkles. Botox for forehead lines, frown lines around the eyes and lines used.
Wrinkles caused by sun damage, do not respond to Botox.

Botox how the process happens?

Get Botox takes just a few minutes and does not require anesthesia. Botox is injected by needle into muscle identified.

The full effect of Botox takes three to seven days, preferably at least one week before the beginning of the process, avoid alcohol. It should also take aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs stopped two weeks before treatment to stop bruise.

How Botox injections lasts?

Botox effect lasts four to six months.
As soon as you began to return to normal muscle activity, lines and wrinkles start, and apparently the re-treatment will be necessary.
Over time, lines and wrinkles less often because they are used to relax muscles.

تزریق بوتاکس

What are the side effects of Botox?

The most common side effect of Botox is temporary bruising.
Headaches, which are within 24 to 48 hours may occur, but this rarely happens.
A small percentage of patients may experience drooping eyelids are. It also usually ends within three weeks.
Drooping eyelids typically occurs when Botox is moving around,
Thus, the injection site for up to 12 hours after injection and for 3 to 4 hours long did not rub.

Who should injected Botox?

Pregnant women, nursing mothers or those with nervous system diseases should not receive Botox.
Since Botox does not work for all wrinkles, you should first consult with a doctor.

بدون اینکه از مواد غیر طبیعی استفاده کنید، راهکارهایی برای کاهش چین و چروک صورت را یاد بگیرید شاید هم بهتر است به جای اینکه به سراغ کرم‌های گران‌قیمت ضد چروک بروید، راه حل‌های طبیعی کاهش چین و چروک را آزمایش کنید.

Deal with increased confidentiality of aging and prevent wrinkles to help you stay young.

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Cheek and its variants Know

Cheek and its variants Know

پروتز گونه

پروتز گونه : As you know, today is the first letter of her beauty and charm
That's why many women to gain confidence and enhance the beauty of their different cosmetic surgery.

Cheek is one of the cosmetic surgery process that continues to be discussed.

Two reasons for forming such centers or beauty clinics come

The first people who have a long face and bone
And other persons who, due to aging and aging of their form and their beauty is lost.

Factors that causes people to do any act involving prosthesis

Quality of the skin, the sun can be one of the factors that damage.
Total skin, it would cause indentations in the skin.
Sagging skin, causing the skin to appear loose and fallen.
Reduce the size of the skin.
پروتز گونه

پروتز گونه

پروتز گونه چیست؟

Valuation of another prosthesis is such that some people know the name of the cosmetic surgery.
Often in the face of people who have gone skinny dipping
The method used for such investment to achieve beautiful.

Select the type of prosthesis depends on the patient's face, some of this prosthesis is made of silicon and other materials are Mdpvr.

Planting is done by three different species. In the first type of prosthetic cheek bones are used
This creates more bumps.
The second type of weight loss and eliminates downtime for the third type of prosthesis is a combination that improves bone status of the species and species.

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Highlights After Breast Implant seriously!

Highlights After Breast Implant seriously!

Breast Prostheses

Breast implant surgery incisions the surgeon to insert implants in three locations
Differently, armpits, chest halo (Tissue around the nipple)Around the navel or under the breast creates China.

Is special care required after surgery for breast implants?

Primary care involves taking proper and timely administration of antibiotics and surgical wound dressing correctly to 10 days.
As well as from the first day to reduce the risk of passing prosthesis
Must drag and raising hands, touching breasts and lying on the side
Or belly, lifting heavy blow to the chest as possible be avoided.

Is it possible to be infected prosthesis?

To prevent tooth infection, scarring around the breasts and armpits and purulent boil manipulation in this area should be avoided.
Any type of infection in the body for months can cause pollution prosthesis. After infection be treated aggressively.

Why should the prosthesis from Bras for use after surgery?

Wearing the right bra is recommended to keep the prosthesis in place and have at least move down.
Sometimes it can be seen that the prosthesis after surgery were slightly higher than its position
In which case the upper chest close caches proper medical help to fix the problem.

Breast Prostheses

Highlights After Breast Implant seriously!

– There is stiff skin cracking chest
By creating this problem that urgently need to use the cream appropriate medical or other actions taken to reduce or eliminate it comes.

– If the prosthesis with a smooth surface is used, be sure to massage the breasts
To create a hard capsule around the prosthesis to prevent (Massage techniques are taught to patients).

– To prevent bad scarring at the site of action is best suited creams that facilitate wound healing
Used usually in the second or third week after surgery, depending on the status of their wound starts
And at least a few months should be used.
If there is a history of Bdzkhmy in the use of lasers for the third or fourth week is recommended for prevention.

– Periodic examinations after surgery is very necessary and in case of any problems quickly diagnosed and treated by the surgeon.

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Everything on the chin prosthesis

Everything on the chin prosthesis

پروتز چانه

Facial harmony and balance between these elements makes the face beautiful and more attractive.
When profiling look into the face of a natural person's chin is placed slightly behind the lower lip.
In some people chin behind this limit. If the amount is huge deficit
If a person finds brid face and figure like birds. The middle part of the face and nose is too far ahead of the other components.

The impact of the different items for each other and especially the impact on each other is undeniable chin and nose..
The typical big nose and large rear chin and nose is bigger than what shows
And interact with people who have a big nose. Chin behind the commonly seen.
That is why the action in front of the chin with rhinoplasty surgery is usually done.

Sometimes the bargaining table behind the usual look but in fact there is no chin behind
But ahead of the usual upper jaw. Sometimes a rear chin
But the teeth on each normal. And others may
All rear lower jaw, the teeth of the lower jaw are far behind the upper teeth..

There are different ways to move the chin.

الف) تزریق ژل

ب) تزریق چربی

C) Cut a piece of chin bone and pull it forward

of the) Prosthesis

Gel that is used to highlight parts of the body including the chin is a synthetic substance.
Consistency of oral Zhlە. Formulation is such that it is harmless to body.

پروتز چانه

They vary depending on the manufacturer's shelf life.
The gels packed in Insulin syringes, sterile and ready for injection.
They are done in-office injection almost painless and easily done. The disadvantage is the risk of infection and the possibility of displacement.

Fat injection is an alternative for chin augmentation.
For this purpose, with local anesthesia and fat is suctioned from the patient's own abdomen or thighs.
After centrifugation and purification, this fat is injected chin.
امتیاز این روش آن است که ماده ای که به چانه حجم می دهد از بدن خود فرد تهیه شده و جسم خارجی نیست.
عیب اصلی تزریق چربی میزان جذب بالای آن است به طوریکه پس از ۶ ماه میزان زیادی از چربی تزریق شده جذب می شود.

Geneva molded or cut and the front part of the jaw bone is also another way to strengthen bargaining.
For this purpose, in the mouth between the lower lip and jaw will cut.
Soft tissue to bone up on our. Cut off the bottom of the chin and pulled forward
And in the right place with screws prove. Then the incision inside the mouth with a cotton absorbed Bkhyە Dvzym.

Use implants for chin augmentation

The advantage of this approach is that the foreign body is not used for chin augmentation
And the chin to the desired size can be brought forward. The disadvantage of this approach is that sensory nerve damage in the lower lip of the prosthesis is more.

Use implants for chin augmentation and bring forth the good way.
جنس پروتزها و شکل و اندازه و ابعاد آنها متفاوت است و این امر دست جراح را در انتخاب شکل و نوع مناسب برای هر فرد متقاضی جلو آوردن چانه باز نگاه می دارد.

Overall prosthesis is made of special material that looks like compressed plastic.
They are made in a way that does not harm the body. The implants are permanent, not absorbed
And do not break blow. Some are shaped in a way
Just in front of his chin.. Others are Nvtvmykal the chin follow the natural anatomy.
And not only the natural curvature chin chin forward, they also cover.

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Who are candidates for eyelid surgery

Who are candidates for eyelid surgery

Eyelid Surgery

In terms of aesthetics, the eyes are the most important part for.
The eyes represent and reflect the age of the person's emotional state and her people are
Unfortunately eyes and eyelids show signs of aging sooner than other body parts.

Plastic surgery of the eyelids called "blepharoplasty" is called
To remove the excess skin, puffy eyelids and remove the bezel was designed in the amendment and its main aim is rejuvenation faces.

Who are candidates for eyelid surgery

The best candidates for eyelid surgery are those who are at least 35 years old.
Loose and hanging skin of the eyelids or puffiness caused unpleasant changes in their faces is
(However, in exceptional cases younger people who have specific reasons above problems can also be operated.)

Surgery is required when a person is generally healthy and had no medical problems.
One must be realistic and reasonable expectations of the surgery and the results have
And in this regard, see pictures before and after surgery Other
People and possibly consult with people who have the surgery can be helpful.

It should be noted that this does not improve surgical blepharoplasty

1. Black rings around the eyes

2. Wrinkles around the eyes and between the eyebrows and forehead (Botox injection is the preferred method for modifying these cases.)

3. Drooping eyebrows simultaneously or separately at a meeting with blepharoplasty surgery no longer requires surgery.

Eyelid Surgery

Preparation before surgery

A detailed examination is necessary before surgery Ophthalmology.
Determining visual acuity, check the status of tear film, ocular movements and motor nerves
And sensory and face, eyebrows and check the status of their evidence, including tests that must be performed.

If there is a specific disease or drug sensitivity or drug consumption must be notified to the doctor.
Blood thinners such as aspirin and similar drugs is required of it under medical supervision
Treating be cut from 10 days to 2 weeks before surgery.

Should be checked before the regular person, blood tests needed to be done
And in case of detection of certain diseases should be reviewed and, if necessary, by the relevant specialist consultant and treated.

the light

Septoplasty surgeries associated with anesthesia?

Septoplasty surgeries associated with anesthesia?

جراحی سپتوپلاستی

The septum can be seen as an interpretation of the lining of the nose where cartilage and nasal bones fit into the budget,
The septum deviation occurs and surgeon, surgery,
The walls by removing parts of it moved to its initial position and makes fixed.

Septum between the two nostrils normally located in the middle of the hole and makes
Air flow during the process of breathing, breathing evenly and balanced channels reach
But when the center toward one side wall is curved nose breathing in the ordinary course created Ahtlal
And in some cases cause nosebleeds.

In septoplasty surgery when deemed necessary
The curvy, people with serious respiratory problems and asthma so-called face
Because of not treating this problem causes a lot of headaches and nosebleeds are.

جراحی سپتوپلاستی

Dvhalt local anesthesia or general anesthesia.

This surgery such as rhinoplasty can be local anesthesia in two cases
Or general anesthesia depending on the doctor's relevant.
The process of doing this surgery is that the doctor for being
And the deviation of the septum of the nose creates a shear
After removing the mucosal lining of the nose, deviated septum corrected, and if you need to eliminate redundant cartilage or bone
Also do it and in the end, the mucosal lining of the septum and sutured to its original location on returns.

After this surgery can relieve numbness behind time to return home
But the activities and tasks that are heavy
Has refused the Finn with high pressure to achieve a full recovery and prevent
And also while sleeping or lying down on your head higher than your body..
The suggestions listed above from swelling of the face and nose and prevent postoperative bleeding.
Also taking medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin … That aside to help blood dilution.

Immeasurable and immense bloodshed

In this surgery, bandages and plasters on the nose until shortly (Two to three days) On the nose you like.
Within a few days the nose pad and the bottom lip for a possible bleeding
After surgery absorbed a strap is fixed with glue.

After the surgery, some patients may feel immediately changes in your breathing process
And in others, to the recovery time will.
In the end, we can do the dangers that are threatening the patient's surgery and the risks are very rare but can be cited:
Unnecessary bloodshed and immense size, going from between the stitches, coming down heavily sense of smell,
Infection or changing the original shape of the nose.

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Of wound healing with lasers What do you know?

Of wound healing with lasers What do you know?

Wound healing with lasers

Hossein Tabatabai faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and dermatologist,
Referring to the advantages and disadvantages of the use of lasers in the treatment of wounds, said:
Poor healing of sores cause unpleasant skin, impaired organ function and performance of the.

Wound one of the main problems in the medical field and all the diseases of the skin and internal organs are formed from wound
Wound healing and recovery will be achieved;
For example, gastric disorders, including inflammation and ulcers, hepatitis,
Kidney disease and stroke, all of ulcers and wound healing is in the body, which improves the.

Ulcers may be so mild that subtle and some larger
Such as scars from cuts and burns, as well as some diseases such as measles, chickenpox, shingles, herpes and… They wound.

Three types of lasers used for wound healing

Faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences wound into two categories:
He said the division of acute and chronic: New acute wounds, chronic wounds occurred but they last a long time and has not improved or incomplete recovery.

Cause unpleasant skin wound healing bad, malfunction
Organs and performance restoration member so accurate, especially chronic wounds is very important.

Tabatabai noted that varicose leg ulcer venous ulcers, diabetic foot causing said:
Laser is effective in treating wounds and the topics discussed and the dialogue is the Continental Congress of Dermatology.

Three types of lasers used for wound healing which first opened tissue welding, repair and seal the
And the action of heat stimulates tissue and fiber manufacturing is Klvzhnsazy.

Laser method can have any objections to this type of laser heat may also damage nearby tissues wound.

Wound healing with lasers

In the second type of laser welding will be done through the skin
The heat of the laser type is less damaging to the surrounding tissues
And in fact will cause coagulation of tissue and increase the tensile strength is a double-edged.

The tensile strength of the laser type two edges to each other is still weak and not complete
And lasers came in two layers, but the third type of color laser added to damaged tissue and then the laser is shined on it,
The heat created in color and not in the context of the laser does not damage the tissues of the three effective one and two.

High speed

In general, a lot of advantages compared to other methods laser, a high speed
And the need to prepare the operating room… We have also reduced the risk of infection and bleeding, and beauty is preserved better.

It is expensive and the risk of heat damage to healthy tissue
And because the new method was a result of laser treatment is very specific and sustainability,
It also sufficient knowledge in the field of medical science is not exact result is unknown.

The laser also increases mitosis and increase the number of cells,
The restoration is achieved, the laser is a new method for wound healing
In acute wounds that do not have much advantage and the greatest benefits in the treatment of chronic wounds.


All About Dentistry lips

All About Dentistry lips

Lip Implant

Lip enlargement, highlighting the lips and one of the easiest ways to create a very attractive face.
Highlighting and lip augmentation with lip implants or dermal fillers and injectable, long since done.

Those lips are lightweight, they are usually looking to use these methods
And improve recovery time after a lip implant is usually short.

Usually, most people can use this method to work, but it is recommended,
Before deciding about the risks and benefits of this work, have the information.
Lip augmentation using injectable fillers in the lips, provides desired results for the individual.

Full anesthesia for this procedure is normally not necessary because usually lidocaine or another local anesthetic used.
The results of injectable fillers temporary because the body absorbs the filler.
But this time is different for each person, but the average is usually 4 to 6 months.

Lip Implant Types

Massive and dentures lips are divided into two general categories;
Temporary procedures - minimally invasive, permanent ways that these methods, and the results are permanent.

- one of the most natural ways of filling or lip augmentation, fat injections.
Fat grafting, a process in which fat is removed, cleaned and injected lips.

- One of the big ways of lip is hyaluronic acid fillers,
The use of forms of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in the body.
Hyaluronic acid fillers to add volume and improve the shape and structure of the lips injected.

- Another way of highlighting the lips, collagen lip injections. Another dermal fillers that can be
And highlighting the volume to lips and the use of natural protein collagen takes place.
Also, collagen for Eliminate wrinkles And lines around the mouth and forehead, very effective.

What I need to gel after injection into the lips upheld

After the implants and lip injections, usually there is not a specific problem. Most people can return to normal within a day.
Numbness of the lips may have.
But that feeling goes away little by little. Use the following tips for faster recovery.

Eliminate facial swelling after the injection of the gel

- To reduce swelling, you can use ice. Soft towel and put into ice three or four times a day to check.

- method, the use of tea. Tea bag in a cup of warm water and let it cool down for 5 minutes.
At least an hour to put it in the area inflation. Repeat this several times a day.
This will help improve facial swelling and bruising and swelling due to the injection cut.

- any type of tea can be used to reduce swelling, but Chamomile tea is the best option to reduce inflation.
No inflation, using Tylenol to relieve pain and swelling.
The standard dose is written on the bottle..

Lip Implant

- Vinegar reduce swelling in the face after the injection, effective. Vinegar is a natural remedy to reduce swelling and bruising.
Damp cloth with a little vinegar and hold it for 45 to 60 minutes on the swollen area put.

- Avoid heat. If possible, stay indoors and keep medium temperature. Heat exacerbates inflation.

Lip Implant Risks

Because of possible allergic reaction to the materials used for lip implants there, so any allergies to be doctor.

Your doctor should be a good way according to individual circumstances, to choose.
The lip implant stability, depends on how your body filler molecules to disrupt the.
Your doctor will be able to have a rough estimate of the amount you offer lip implant Asrdhy.

However, it is necessary to perform any procedure, be aware of possible side effects.
Some risks may include infection, scarring or stiffness of the lips is.

However, an appropriate decision will be severely reduced the risks.
Although generally always lip implants have complications,
But your reaction to choose which type of filler and the ability to improve matters.

Mild side effects of injectable lip fillers are

Redness, bruising, swelling, minor discomfort, allergy and infection.. With proper care,
These symptoms can be minimized and usually the symptoms and problems within a few days disappears.

You can with a little care and attention, the incidence of adverse events or side effects such as:
Active infection or inflammation, central nervous disorders, bleeding, recurrent lesions,
Or a history of multiple allergies prevent. Bruising, swelling and pain may take up to a week.
In rare cases it is necessary hyaluronic acid injection.

How to get rid of lip gel?

Many believe that the gel unloading everything on the first day. However, this is not always a good result with.
Usually gel, lip tissue grows and changes the natural shape of lips.
So removing it, almost too complex.

A special and unique method that allows gel come out of lips
And simultaneously rebuild lips. But the need to remove the gel on the lips is only part of the problem.
So during the same operation, the harmony is restored lips .

One of the methods, bio-polymer removal through an incision inside the mouth.
This method causes damage to the muscles and blood vessels enter the lips are not as well preserved.

What pulse

Laser hair treatment duration

Laser hair treatment duration

Laser hair

A dermatologist in response to some speculation about complications
Laser hair removal, such as infertility and effect on the body's lymph nodes, stressed: Laser hair removal, long-term effects are not known.

Violet Tamizifar doctor in an interview with ISNA, said.: Laser hair removal is the root of all body hair.
In laser hair removal, laser type device that it is,
Very important and effective, and is currently the most effective and most widely used lasers “Alexandrite” At 750 nm and “Daoud” 810 are wavelength.

Who can be a candidate for laser hair removal?

In response to a question about who can apply for laser hair removal?
said: Laser, laser skin and hair person and place is very important.
So the best type of skin and hair, white skin and hair is thick and dark.
At the same time, the skin is darker and thinner hair laser treatment is relatively effective.

Said the continued Tamizifar: In areas such as the face and… There are hormone receptor
And for genetic reasons and an increase in male hormones, hair thick and are available in the Mhlhakhshn,
Fully laser treatment or not, and after a few years to re-grow and need to repeat the laser annual.

Laser at the hairdresser and sports clubs banned

The Association of Dermatologists about the importance of doing laser dermatologist said.:
According to the Ministry of Health, laser hair removal is one of the lasers
و باید در مکانی انجام شود که متخصصان پوست حضور داشته باشند و این کار یا توسط خود آن متخصص یا زیر نظر او انجام شود.

He added: Except Laser Clinic dermatologist's office and other places are illegal;
Because in many of these places not only the physician is not present,
Even doctors are not public, such as beauty salons or fitness clubs. We must understand that these places are not legal and should be sued.

Laser hair

Laser hair removal side effects

In further remarks about the effects of said laser Tamizifar:
A strong laser treatment and radiation therapy into contact with the skin to destroy the hair root.
So there is the possibility of burns or stains. The person who does this
Professional and appropriate laser device, the probability of short-term effects,
Is low but not zero. Laser treatment centers in the world in the best possible burns, rashes or there.

He added: Laser hair removal, long-term effects are not known.
And carcinogenic side effects such as infertility or hormonal problem or the impact on the functioning of lymph glands and ovaries are not.

Laser ban tanning for those who are

The dermatologist said: Of two – Three months before and after the laser, sunbathing is prohibited.
Outdoor tanning or tanning exacerbate or create laser burn in the Lake.
Even if the sun eclipse causes changes in skin color is not the laser should be done.

Laser hair for children and pregnant women banned

Laser Tamizifar ban on pregnant women, said: The laser itself known complication in pregnancy is not
If someone unaware of her pregnancy, lasers do not worry
And the problem does not occur to the fetus. At the same time specialists for laser pregnant women do not;
Because if Azhay such as burns occur in person, take longer to repair it in pregnancy.

He went on to say: For children as well as laser hair not accepted because they do not know its effects,
Children's hair is thin and the laser makes hair thinner. As a result, for children up to the age of majority do not perform laser.

The dermatologist said.: For someone who has certain diseases like warts,
Wound infection and is active in the laser, the laser does not work and if you take a certain drug is done with discretion Medical laser.

During and after the laser for how things should be done?

Tamizifar about the things that must be observed during the laser off, said,: Laser hair roots influence.
So waxing or use should be avoided Azmvchyn.
Guarantee the necessary two days before the laser or body hair or face the day without destroying the roots with Gillette razor or shaving.
Also, until the skin is red and inflamed used should wear Zinc Oxide Cream.
After Azlyzr, dry skin and should be used regularly conditioner.

Laser hair treatment duration

At the end of the dermatologist talks about the duration of said laser:
In those white skin and dark hair are thick and five to six sessions or less treatment,
But the skin is darker and thinner hair will increase the number of sessions.
When the hair is shed more than 90 percent or if Fluffy latest laser can be stopped.
Hormonal hair and rough annual repetition lasers need. Laser distance between each period is four to six weeks
And given the circumstances, the doctor may be approved eight weeks.


Nose surgery techniques

Nose surgery techniques

In rhinoplasty technique the surgeon to remove the cartilage area.
Then modify and delete the prominent deals.
After a new form appropriate to the area, create.
اگر بیمار دارای مشکلات داخلی بینی مانند،انحراف تیغه بینی یاپولیپ بینی باشد موارد فوق در یک زمان با این عمل جراحی برطرف خواهد شد.همچنین در در مواقعی که بیمار احتیاج به کوچک کردن پره های بینی و یا سوراخ بینی This action is necessary to be done.

On completion of the operation, all parts of the nose together and well fit to be controlled Jdydbyny. سرانجام با گذاشتن نوار آغشته به پماد آنتی بیوتیک درون بینی پانسمان می شود و توسط چسب پوست بینی بر روی ساختمان جدید بینی شکل داده می شود .به وسیله گچ گیری و یا استفاده از محافظ های پلاستیکی و فلزی،قالب های مورد نظر برای بینی ایجاد is.

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