Minor surgery or rhinoplasty nose down

Minor surgery or rhinoplasty nose down

Size reduction rhinoplasty nose

The reduction rhinoplasty, nasal structure, small size, but the skin is not expected to change . Current structure of the bone in the upper half and lower half is composed of cartilage . To smooth the nose and near the bridge of the nose to the face, nose ridge to be cut. The new crest or the reconstruction of the bridge of the nose and sides of the nose by removing part of the bone from where the cheekbones look, come closer together . Elastic skin on the nose Tghyyn reduce the size of the nose.

What happens in a reduction rhinoplasty?

A reduction in the width of the nose rhinoplasty greatly reduced.
If they do this nostrils appear large, they may need to be thinner. It also cut a small piece of skin on the palms nostril so that may be a small scar on the sides of the nose to stay.
It can also shorten the nose and the tip of the nose flattened by reducing the size of the tip cartilage was sharper.
If you have trouble breathing through the nose also can be operated simultaneously with the bone that separates the two nostrils (Septum) Amended. To operate سپتوپلاستی Or nasal septum surgery is called.
Sometimes the size of the nose affects the other parts of the face, chin and cheeks are like beautiful face shape may be recommended for these elements also have changed. It may be associated with rhinoplasty or cosmetic surgery procedures are performed separately.

After excisional rhinoplasty
Always some bruising and swelling after surgery, especially around the eyes caused quite goes away within three weeks. During this time you may need a splint (Splint) Hard on the nose. At the end of three weeks, inflation has declined significantly and the others natural appearance will be as if you have not had nose surgery.

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What is Rhinoplasty?

What is Rhinoplasty?

رینوپلاستی Rhinoplasty is the procedure in which the size, (What is Rhinoplasty? )

Nose shape and symmetry of all parts, including blades,

And the tip of the nose bridge has changed and become more balanced appearance is. Rhinoplasty can be performed in two ways that open or close any of the medical conditions of the patient's nose is done on the basis of. At the beginning of cosmetic surgery on the nose to open a gap is created between the two holes. این(What is Rhinoplasty? )After recovering the gap is very small and very pale turns to a line that does not draw attention. Depending on the nose cosmetic surgery procedure does not lead any external gap but it can not be performed on all patients. Since the apparent defects of each patient's nose, nasal procedure is unique and is selected according to the anatomy of the nose by nose. In practice, nose Some patients may help cartilage graft. If any of the following problems in your nose that bothers you, رینوپلاستی Or cosmetic surgery is expected to solve the problems you solve your concerns.

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Plastic surgery, reconstructive and burn


Marital relationship after nose surgery

Marital relationship after nose surgery

Since the Sex An important part of healthy living (Marital relationship after nose surgery )A lot of people make up knowing (( چه مدت پس ازجراحی بینی می توان روابط زناشویی را از سرگرفت؟)) The question that may arise for most patients.. با این حال پرسیدن این سوال از جراح بینی برای بسیاری از بیماران شرم آور و ناخوشایند است. The surgery required to face such questions, (Marital relationship after nose surgery )پاسخ کامل و جامعی ارائه دهند زیرا بیمار باید از ممنوعیت هر فعالیت فیزیکی در طول دوره نقاهت خود آگاهی پیدا کند.اینکه چه مدت پس از جراحی بینی می توان با همسر خود روابط زناشویی داشت، بستگی به نوع جراحی بینی، میزان درد و توانایی بهبودی بدن بیمار دارد. با وجود زیبایی چهره جدید، عجیب نیست که شما و همسرتان برای از سرگیری Marital relationship after nose surgeryBe excited, but it is better to wait until your desired results Bgyryd.bh general, any activity more strenuous than walking, is forbidden to 3 weeks after surgery. These activities include dancing, running, biking, exercise of power and sex. Sport and physical activity increases the risk of internal bleeding, high blood pressure and interfere with the healing process. Usually, after three weeks of nose surgery, scar tissue and repair deformed inside the nose so that it can handle the temporary increase in blood pressure. However, the launch team sports or activities (Such as basketball, tennis, etc.) 6 weeks or more should be excluded. Try even after recovery, before starting any exercise or physical activity and consult your doctor before letting him do not take action.

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جراحی سپتوپلاستی

جراحی سپتوپلاستی

سپتوپلاستی ( Deviated septum surgery without surgery ) A nose surgery(جراحی سپتوپلاستی )Worked specifically on nasal septum deviation and thereby, improves breathing. Although minor deviations nose is common but some people suffer from clogging one side of his nose and can not breathe as it should. Septoplasty can be deviated septum of the nose straight and open flow of air to breathe easier. Septoplasty nose does not change in appearance, and aims to improve the performance of just nose.

Benefits practice septorhinoplasty
  • Improves the appearance of the nose is tilted.
  • Stuffy nose and make breathing more easily be destroyed.
  • When a deviated septum is gone, the nose will look better.
  • Snoring and sleep apnea can improve.
  • Change the shape of the nose and between the nose and other facial appearance and size of the balance.
  • Also improves the appearance and performance is expected to improve.
  • Lowers operating cost estimates and sick pay instead of two actions (Deviated septum surgery and cosmetic surgery of the nose) Money pays an act.
  • Dissatisfaction after surgery greatly reduces the risk to.

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What is a deviated septum?

What is a deviated septum?

انحراف تیغه بینی Or in general terms,

nose deviation Disorder that(What is a deviated septum?)

Displacement effect of the thin wall between the two nostrils there.

The cartilage wall, or septum, nasal septum (septum) گفته می شود

The nasal cavity is divided into two parts, left and right.

When the septum too much to one side and tilted miles,

One of the nostrils, is larger than the other. (What is a deviated septum?)Depending on the severity of the deviation, the possibility of occurrence of nasal congestion, reduce air flow and breathing difficulties There. Deviated septum of the nose and nasal discharge may also be impaired as a result, increase the amount of infection and runny nose followed behind Bashd.zhntyk and inheritance can be a deviated septum. و یا امکان دارد بینی شخص در دوره ی جنینی یا در طول پروسه ی زایمان بر اثر ضربه و جراحت انحراف پیدا کند که احتمال این موارد خیلی ضعیف است اما احتمال ضربه به بینی در دوره ی بزرگسالی بسیار بالا و متداول است.جراحی تنها راه درمان deviated nose. For this purpose, septoplasty surgery to be handled. But most patients, cosmetic surgery of the nose (رینوپلاستی) And, together with the action deviated septum (سپتوپلاستی) Doing that this practice is called septorhinoplasty.

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Nutrition before and after surgery to reduce swelling in the nose for the nose

Nutrition before and after surgery to reduce swelling in the nose for the nose

Preoperative nasal feeding

Before the operation, the nose(Nutrition before and after surgery to reduce swelling in the nose for the nose) (2 to 4 weeks before surgery)

When appropriate to ensure the achievement of their needs

For a healthy lifestyle (Nutrition before and after surgery to reduce swelling in the nose for the nose)

And prepare for the surgical stress.

Here are some essential nutrients in the course offered.

Vitamins and minerals

3 weeks before surgery start taking a multivitamin can help wound healing. At this point in time need to place an overdose of a certain vitamin, eat the right amount of all vitamins. However, in this case the exception of vitamin C. Kmaaynkh Studies have shown that plenty of vitamin C is effective in wound healing. However, the use of vitamin E should be careful. Large amounts of vitamin E (More than 400 mg per day) The bruising And bloodshed Increase.


The second major component of the body's protein is essential for building and repairing tissues. Organs, hormones, red blood cells, the immune system is mainly composed of proteins and enzymes we are. The use enough of it to meet the everyday needs and prepare the body for nose surgery and tissue repair after surgery is essential.

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Plastic surgery, reconstructive and burn

How taping after nose surgery

How taping after nose surgery

How taping nose

After surgery, nose and swollen nose after surgery helps taping
Swelling of your nose wiped out earlier and accelerate recovery.
Taping in addition to reducing the inflammation and swelling of the nose, causing his nose to get better.

If the adhesive is expected to be carried out systematically and correctly, can cause
The correct pressure on the skin and the nose section is expected to be equal and balanced inflation.
.بسیاری از بیماران فکر می کنند پس از جراحی بینی هرچقدر چسب را محکم تر و طولانی تر بزنند
Drooping nose after surgery to prevent and to reach a more satisfactory results. This thinking is wrong .
Taping nose after nose surgery can be divided into two categories:
چسب زدن بینی در دوران ۳ هفته ی اول پس از عمل و چسب زدن بینی پس از طی سه هفته ی ذکر شده .

The first three weeks.

در سه هفته ی اول پس از عمل با چسب زدن بیمار به بخیه های داخلی نیز کمک می کند تا فرم بینی را متناسب تر نمایند.
For example, at the tip of one's nose large stitches to keep the nose to the head there
That taping helped them so much pressure on them as they do not form a head.
A series of adhesive to the skin by applying adhesive on the upper part of the nose that causes nasal tip
Has been re-skin of the nose that separates the nose sticking out and his form.

It should be noted that if in the first three weeks of fighting is very strong glue
Makes the skin becomes very anemic and suffering from inflammation .

Glue whack on the nose

So because no adhesive whack on the nose is not recommended
Because it is expected to be on line to fall and wounds that make it undesirable to illness..
The second taping after the first three weeks after surgery on the nose is not usually a major role
Only alarm for patients and their family is sick not to blow the nose.
For many doctors two months is enough to glue the nose because during this time, the nose is likely to hit
After two months usually does not affect the nose, not to protect the nose and swelling is not improving.

The correct way of Taping nose

مرحله اول:

Choose a suitable adhesive
1 cm adhesive paper 3M brand is recognized.

مرحله دوم:

Cleaning face
First, clean your face with soap and water and then with cotton
The skin on the nose and cheeks soaked in alcohol to clean carefully. Then you wait 10 minutes until completely dry.

مرحله سوم:

Adhesive cut to the required dimensions
Depending on the size of your nose glued to the following aspects of our cutting:

6 to 8 pieces glued to the size of 3 to 4 cm

2 pieces glued to the size of 10 to 12 cm

مرحله چهارم:

Paste cut adhesive components on the nose

Stand in front of mirror. From the top of the nose down for 3 to 4 cm lateral to the cement paste pieces.
Depending on the size of the projected 3 to 4 to glue the nose hit, so much of each other placed under.
Then gently press the pieces as well stick.

Now the piece of cement is 10 to 12 cm..
Longitudinally to form U (U speak English) To paste the piece under your nose.

وسط نوار چسب باید در زیر نوک بینی قرار گرفته و ادامه نوار از کنار بینی به سمت بالا برود و لبه‌های نوار باید تا نزدیکی زیر
Eye continue.
Note adhesives front nostril breathing is not to not interfere.
The section that Chsbandyd on it to gently rub the nose to stabilize.

Glue a piece of 10 to 12 cm

Similarly, a piece of adhesive 10 to 12 cm above this additional guidelines on
Previous glue beat.

Now again, this time from the bottom up to the transverse nose began to paste your piece of adhesive 3 to 4 cm..
Depending on the size of the projected 3 to 4 to glue the nose hit, so much of each other placed under.
Then gently press the pieces as well stick.

In the end, the small piece of tape that protrudes from the tip of the nose scissors carefully and be separated.

Do not forget when you're busy taping of the nose, the pressure on the nose avoid.

How taping nose

How do we separate the adhesive from the nose?

Carefully open the glue as the nose it is important. Note
One of the goals of postoperative taping of the nose, helping the skin to underlying tissue is sticking,
If the carelessness of one side begin to peel the adhesive from the skin, you have to act contrary to the purposes listed.

It is advisable to remove the glue with hot water in the shower. So that the adhesive on the nose
Well soaked and smeared on the amount of soap is. This facilitates the removal of adhesive.

Now it is slowly beginning to remove the adhesive from the edge of the adhesive surface
So far as possible do not stretch the skin from underlying tissue.

From time to time, we expect to replace glue?

When replacing the nose glue depends on the type of skin a person's nose.
In people with normal skin and fat is normally recommended every other day Glue
Change, but those people who are very fat skin of the nose
می‌توانند هر روز این کار را انجام دهند و درنهایت آن دسته افرادی که پوست بینی خشکی دارند، هر ۳ روز یک بار زمان مناسبی برای تعویض است.

After the adhesive off your nose open up two or three hours to let the skin
Weather eat and breathe so and then proceeded to hit the re-glue.

Except taping techniques can be used to help the inflammation and swelling of the nose
After rhinoplasty reduced?

Both open surgery and closed surgery swelling in the nose after rhinoplasty is quite normal.
Due to the swelling after rhinoplasty is bearing cut marks
که در طول جراحی بر روی بینی زده شده و باعث می‌گردد تا بینی به صورت موضعی متورم شود.
If the patient's nasal bone during surgery is needed to break down
After surgery not only expected but also swollen cheeks and under the eyes become more.
Here are some guidelines that will help to reduce swelling after rhinoplasty nose pointed:

Nasal splint

After a splint or brace for rhinoplasty for a week, on septum is to prevent excessive inflation.
Nasal splints: Tissues under the skin of the nose after rhinoplasty not only domestic but also swollen airways are.
That's why after rhinoplasty surgeons in the airways also offers special splint
Has also reduced inflation and keep the airway open.

Ice packs

Kmprs·hay the ice in the first 24 hours after surgery also helps to reduce swelling in the nose.
But this dump should be placed only on the species and should be avoided putting them directly on the nose isolated.
If the ice can be directly on the nose cartilage or bone graft and it is pasted.


Brmvlyn a drug that is derived from pineapple and has been proven to be sold without a prescription
To treat inflammation associated with surgery to help many. Taking this medication should be started the day before surgery.

If after doing all this way still feel that your nose is swollen
Dont worry because this is perfectly normal.
Usually it can be said that the bruises on the upper third of the nose 5 to 6 months, in the third
Among 6 to 9 months and in the lower third remains for 9 to 12 months.
In general, it takes a full year to swelling after rhinoplasty nose completely be overcome.

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How rhinoplasty

How rhinoplasty

جراحی ترمیمی بینی

Secondary nose surgery is done if a person is not satisfied with their first practice after the first operation or due to different problems arise Weather .

This article first defines reconstructive surgery and after Tips about it as we .
Rhinoplasty is the nose in the second round .
در این مرحله جراحی برای ترمیم ظاهر و یا عملکرد بینی فردی که قبلا عمل ناموفق داشته انجام خواهد شد

In this type of operation because of the delicacy of the work as well as more complex than the first action is required
To patients, a surgeon has sufficient expertise and experience for the job of their choice .

Hamid Abbasi doctor, rhinoplasty and Board
Specialized ear, nose and throat and head and neck surgery and Rhinologic Research Center's Forum is Rhinologic

Rhinoplasty surgery can involve a simple
To remove some of the extra bone or a very complex surgery to correct the nose is full .

The best time for this type of operation is almost a year after first practice .

Some reasons for performing secondary nose

دلایلی متعددی وجود دارد که در آن ممکن است فرد تمایل به عمل ترمیمی بینی داشته باشد که برخی از شایع ترین آنها به شرح ذیل است :

Abnormal and artificial tip of the nose
Large and disobedient nose
The distance between the two nostrils
Having nasal dryness and acute respiratory problems
Being dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose and a deviated septum

Important Notes about rhinoplasty

Reconstructive surgery of the nose is very different than primary rhinoplasty and it requires a lot of expertise .
So be sure to pick someone to do this for you very carefully .

This type of corrective action is necessary until the patient an adequate understanding
The limitations of this type of surgery have to talk realistically about the outcome after surgery.

جراحی ترمیمی بینی

This is the only doctor with specialized and experienced advice and guidance will be .

Skin care in rhinoplasty

In rhinoplasty should pay special attention to the skin of the nose . When action must be done cutting for the ultimate elegance
So as not to harm the skin that is thin now.

One difference between the first act and rhinoplasty reaction is severe inflammation in the soft tissue of the nose caused .

Early action is very gentle on the skin inflammatory reaction
But to repair the soft tissues of the nose and nasal extreme reactions will be different than shown .

Therefore, it is essential that accurate and non-traumatic surgical procedure done
To the creation of any inflammation and prevent the formation of connective tissue .
Of course rhinoplasty in the management of patients with thick skin and patients with very thin skin is different .

Nasal reconstructive surgery techniques

In the absence of consent from the first act of his nose, a doctor with the patient's conditions and his demands, and also can recognize their professional
The second surgery to the nose as corrective action

This type of rhinoplasty depending on the doctor's professional diagnosis and the patient chooses .
There are two ways to repair the nose in this section are described.

۱- Rhinoplasty to open

This method is usually adopted and implemented at a time when there will be major changes or structural
The reconstructive surgery of the nose, cut in the exterior and the desired action is expected to be done .

Usually this method to raise the bridge of the nose between the nostrils used .

۲- Reconstructive surgery nose closed

در این روش که بسیار مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد برش های متعددی در داخل بینی زده می شود .

The goal is to cut inside the nose that gives it access to the structure of the nose is also called Andvnazvl .
The closed technique is usually used for tiny reforms .

A significant number of patients Abbasi doctor, the patient who has already been done elsewhere nose surgery
But looks are not satisfied with the outcome or respiratory function .
Brief objection may be a flaw that nose correction can be done easily
Or the overall structure of the nose that makes it very difficult disarray .

Those who intend to re-operation should be aware
Some errors may be corrected easily possible that in some cases it might be difficult
Some of the primary surgeon removed part of the structure of the nose is large, it may be impossible reform .
The initial surgery is associated with less tissue manipulation, rhinoplasty will be more likely to succeed .
In the second surgery of the nose, ear or rib cartilage is likely .
جراحی مجدد بینی نیاز به تجربه بالا و مهارت کافی دارد و با وجود یک جراح خوب هم ممکن است نتایج عمل کاملاً ایده آل نباشد .

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Hair care strategies

Hair care strategies

In all societies and for all human hair an important symbol of today's hair and how to decorate it not only confirms the health and youth of great importance socially, culturally and even religiously, so that attitudes are positive of your character and confidence in individual and social life, and undeniably has a significant role,fa ∙ با توجه به این مهم ٬ بیماریهای مرتبط با مو و ریزش آن بیش از آنچه که از نظر جسمی و ظاهری مشکل ساز باشد از نظر روحی ٬ روانی و اجتماعی بر فرد تاثیر گذار بوده و ترمیم و درمان آن به همین نسبت در ارتقاء اعتماد به نفس وی در جامعه موثر است ∙

قدیمی ترین متن پزشکی موجود ٬ مربوط به پاپیروسی از مصر باستان است که در آن پزشکان پمادی مخلوط از چربی کروکودیل و ∙∙∙ برای درمان ریزش مو تجویز کرده اند ∙ از طرفی بقراط ٬ پزشک یونان باستان متوجه ارتباط بین اندامهای جنسی و طاسی در مردان شده بود و اولین کسی بود که دریافت مردان خواجه دچار طاسی مردانه نمی شوند ∙ لازم به ذکر است که بقراط خود نیز طاس بود ∙ تجویز وی جهت ترمیم و جلوگیری از ریزش مو ٬ استعمال مخلوطی از زیره سبز ٬ ترب کوهی ٬ گزنه در منطقه طاسی بود ∙ امروزه در برخی از منابع از منطقه ای از سر که شامل پشت سر و طرفین بوده و دچار ریزش مو نمی شود با اصطلاح تاج گل بقراطی یا Hippocratic Wreath نام برده می شود ∙

کوتاه در باب مو
هر فرد روزانه بین ۷۰ تا ۱۰۰ تار مو از دست می دهد به طوری که هنگام شانه زدن تعداد اندکی مو در لا به لای شانه و برس مشاهده می شود ∙ اگر این تعداد زیاد شود به طوری که حتی روی بالش قابل مشاهده باشد می تواند هشدار دهنده و قابل بررسی باشد ∙ سوء تغذیه ٬ بیماری شدید و ناتوان کننده و کمبود ویتامینها

بیماریهای مرتبط با مو و ریزش آن بیش از آنچه که از نظر جسمی و ظاهری مشکل ساز باشد از نظر روحی ٬ روانی و اجتماعی بر فرد تاثیر گذار بوده و ترمیم و درمان آن به همین نسبت در ارتقاء اعتماد به نفس وی در جامعه موثر است ∙

همگی باعث تشدید ریزش موی معمولی می شوند ∙ از طرفی تعداد موهای هر شخص در زمان تولد مشخص بوده و بیش از آن نمی شود ∙ این موضوع ربطی به تغذیه ٬ شیوه زندگی و میزان دریافت ویتامین در رژیم غذایی فرد ندارد ولی این قطر تار مو است که از طفولیت تا بلوغ افزایش می یابد ∙ در زمان بلوغ خط موی سر Hair-Line بسیار پایین است که تا سن ۲۰ تا ۲۲ سالگی عقب نشینی کرده و بالاتر می رود و در یک فرد کاملا بالغ این پسرفت متوقف شده و ثابت می ماند مگر اینکه دارای زمینه ژنتیکی برای ریزش مو باشد که دچار وضعیت ریزش موی مردانه یا طاسی با طرح مردانه می شود ∙ در حال حاضر متخصصان معتقدند که هورمون تستوسترون توسط آنزیمی به ( DHT )

سوء تغذیه ٬ بیماری شدید و ناتوان کننده و کمبود ویتامینها همگی باعث تشدید ریزش موی معمولی می شوند

دی هیدروتستوسترون تبدیل شده و این ماده پس از اتصال به گیرنده های اختصاصی که روی پیاز مو قرار دارند باعث تغییراتی در پیاز مو می گردد ∙

درمان های موجود
بسته به عامل ریزش مو ٬ درمان مربوطه از طرف پزشک پیشنهاد می گردد ∙ در مواجهه با ریزش موی ژنتیکی در مردان سه راه وجود دارد :
۱٫ درمان دارویی : محلول موضعی ماینوکسیدین که با غلظت های متفاوت مورد تجویز قرار می گیرد و قرص خوراکی میناستراید که این دارو مورد تایید انجمن دارو و غذای آمریکا ( FDA ) می باشد ولی به طور دائمی اثر مفیدی بر طاسی با طرح مردانه ندارند ∙
2. Reconstruction of lost hair with hair transplantation ∙
3. Left untreated, leading to the development of baldness ∙

چنانکه می دانید و قبلا نیز اشاره شد مو ٬ نقش عمده ای در سلامت و زیبایی ظاهر انسان دارد ٬ مردم نیز همیشه به آن اندیشیده اند و همچون هر دغدغه دیگری برای مراقبت از آن به دنبال اطلاعات بوده و آن را درست یا نادرست از منابع در دسترس کسب کرده اند ∙ برای مراقبت از موهایمان بهتر است به طور صحیح از آن نگهداری نموده و آگاهانه سلامت آن را تضمین نمائیم ٬ پس در این شماره به نکاتی ساده در این زمینه اشاره خواهیم داشت ∙

تاثیر انتخاب شوینده ها :
It is possible according to the type of hair washing hair ( Dry, normal or oily ) Be selected ∙ Hair washing frequency should be determined based on a person's physical activity and can be of two times a week to every day. ∙ بهتر است در هنگام شستشوی موها از کشیدن و چنگ زدن محکم آنها خودداری کنید زیرا ماساژ ملایم کافی است ∙ در صورتی که عادت به حمام روزانه دارید یک بار شستشو با شامپو در هر بار استحمام کافی است در غیر این صورت دوبار شستشو لازم است ∙ پس زا شستشو و آب کشی مو با آب سرد ٬ نشاط و درخشندگی بیشتری برای آن ایجاد می شود ∙ در مورد شامپوها ٬ قابل ذکر است که ترکیب همه شامپوها یکسان است و شامل مواد پاک کننده و حالت دهنده و سورفاکتانت بوده و تفاوت آنها در نوع مواد حالت دهنده آن است ∙

در هر صورت شامپو در رشد و حیات مو نقش کمی داشته و نقش بیشتر آن در پاک کنندگی مو می باشد در واقع هیچ شامپویی ٬ موها را پرپشت تر نمی کند ∙ سدر ٬ کتیرا ٬ حنا و ∙∙∙ در شامپو اثر تقویتی بر مو ندارد ∙ Cedar greater anti-fat effects on the hair and should be used for oily hair ∙ Tragacanth obvious effect mode and soften the hair after shampoo containing tragacantin for dry, coarse hair better ∙ ژل های حالت دهنده که برای موها استفاده می شود بهتر است زیاد بکار برده نشود ∙ البته مواد نرم کننده مو ٬ الکتریسیته ساکن را در موها کم کرده و مو را خوش حالت تر می نماید ولی تاثیری در رشد آن ندارد ∙

برس زدن مو :
بدیهی است برس زدن مو مفید است ولی ۲ تا ۳ بار شانه زدن مو در روز برای موها کافی است و بیش از آن نه تنها به افزایش جریان خون کمکی نمی کند بلکه در برخی موارد باعث کشیده شدن موها شده و در دراز مدت آسیب هایی چون موخوره ٬ کم پشتی و شکستگی را در تار موها به وجود می آورد ∙ از طرفی نوع شانه ٬ باعث افزایش رشد مو نمی شود ولی بهتر است از شانه ها و برس های فلزی توک تیز استفاده نشود ∙ برس ها و شانه ها با دندانه های گرد و عریض و فواصل مناسب و با جنس نرم و انعطاف پذیر منلسب تر می باشند ∙ حتی الامکان بهتر است از شانه زدن موهای خیس خودداری شود ∙

خشک کردن موها :
پس از استحمام ٬ بهترین روش خشک کردن مو به شکل طبیعی است ∙ بهتر است از سشوار کردن زیاد پرهیز کنیم و در صورت استفاده از آن به موارد ذیل توجه کنیم :
A hairdryer is better than not used in high heat ∙ü
It is more than 20 cm distance with a hair dryer ∙ü
It is better to blow over 1 to 2 times a week, even if not used ∙ü
It is not necessary to completely dry the hair dryer is used ∙ü
All issues such as smoothing hair, Bablys, mash-up, Taft kick, curled up and ü ∙∙∙ Potentially can cause serious damage to the hair, especially when not used properly or at short intervals and frequently used ∙

hair color :
رنگ مو نیز به علت شیمیایی بودن می تواند باعث آسیب به مو شود به ویژه رنگ موهای دائمی تر امکان آسیب رسانیدنشان به مو جدی تر است ∙ رنگ کردم مو به وسیله رنگ هایی که حاوی آمونیاک است می تواند باعث بروز حساسیت در پوست شود در هر صورت رنگ موهای طبیعی بهتر از نوع شیمیایی آن است ∙ بهتر است موهای رنگ شده کمتر در معرض تابش مستقیم آفتاب قرار گیرد همچنین برای شستشوی آن از شامپوهای مخصوص موهای رنگ شده استفاده شود ∙

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