Reconstructive nose surgery to correct deformities and function of the nose

Reconstructive nose surgery to correct deformities and function of the nose

Reconstructive surgery of the nose and correction of deformities and function of the nose

The term rhinoplasty refers to nose surgery. Secondary rhinoplasty is a reconstructive nose surgery that is performed after a previous nose surgery in order to change the shape or function of the nose.. Reconstructive nose surgery in cases where the deformities of the nose and its function have not improved well during the initial surgery . or worse, is used. Some secondary rhinoplasty( Revision) It is also called reconstructive nose surgery. This restorative term can also be used for the third and fourth surgeries.

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Nose reconstructive surgery methods

There are two procedures for rhinoplasty that are performed. The closed method is used for minor nose surgeries and the open method is performed when major changes are considered.. In both cases, general anesthesia is used to avoid feeling any pain.

In the closed method, the surgeon makes small incisions in the nose in order to access the bone and cartilage. This operation is done by inserting tools through an incision inside, which leads to the separation of the skin from the nasal structures and further leads to the separation of the bone from the cartilage.. By removing these connections, it is rearranged in the desired shape and placed back in its place. Next, the nasal tissue is stretched over the new tissue and the initial incisions are closed to complete the surgery.

In open nose surgery, the incision is made externally on the skin . and leads to the separation of the vision exit holes, thus providing access to bone and cartilage. This method is comparatively more complicated than the closed method . But if major changes are needed, it is a more suitable method.

In both methods, the incisions close quickly once the deformation is complete. New structures along the nasal airways are internally supported by spongy material. In addition, external splits are also connected to the nose to facilitate the process of improving and maintaining the new shape.

Why does rhinoplasty sometimes fail?

Restorative action

Although most rhinoplasty procedures are performed annually . They bring satisfactory and flawless results for patients . But there is no cosmetic procedure that can guarantee its desired results 100%. Many factors can affect the final results of this operation, including:

  1. Poor and incomplete preoperative assessments
  2. Incorrect choice of surgical technique
  3. Performing surgical techniques in an incorrect manner
  4. Unrealistic expectations of the patient from the operation
  5. Poor postoperative care
  6. Poor patient self-care

Some of these errors and shortcomings are basically due to the surgeon's inexperience in performing rhinoplasty surgery. In performing rhinoplasty or nose cosmetic surgery, to achieve ideal results, specialized skills and knowledge are needed. . While many plastic surgeons have the necessary skills and expertise in performing operations in other parts of the body . But they don't have enough experience to perform a correct and complete nose job.

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What happens when rhinoplasty fails?

Patients who see unexpected or unfavorable results after their rhinoplasty face many possible problems.:

  • Correction of nose and forehead depression with surgery and gel injection
  • Loss of trust in the surgeon

The psychological effects of failure in rhinoplasty may be heavy for a person. Sometimes patients lose their trust in the nose surgeon and the plastic surgery itself. which makes it hard for them to undergo secondary and reconstructive nose surgery. This is why you should only talk to a reputable and reliable facial plastic surgeon who specializes in performing secondary surgeries..

  • Damage to the structure and skeleton of the nose

A failed and defective rhinoplasty usually leads to the formation of additional scar tissue and is possible . It can even damage the cartilage of the nose and put the nasal cavity in a very fragile and vulnerable state. This causes the need for more techniques and accuracy to perform subsequent rhinoplasty operations . And it becomes very difficult to change the shape of the nose in these operations, and therefore many surgeons refuse to perform reconstructive and secondary nose operations..

  • Loss of confidence

When an informed and understanding patient applies for rhinoplasty . But the results of the action are contrary to what was expected . Or even if his appearance has worsened, it often has devastating consequences for the person.

Loss of self-esteem and self-confidence have a negative effect on all aspects of a person's life. When a person needs a secondary and reconstructive operation of the nose . The patient should definitely go to a plastic surgeon who has a lot of experience in performing secondary operations. Because there is a possibility of damage to the structure of the nose from surgery or previous surgeries . Secondary rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult plastic surgeries on the face.

In order to succeed in this operation, one must choose a surgeon who has sufficient experience and skill in performing reconstructive operations on noses that have already been operated on. . Have . The most important aspect in the consultation session with the surgeon Reconstructive rhinoplasty It's about having realistic expectations and a single vision of your goal .

The cost of rhinoplasty surgery in 1402

The cost of rhinoplasty surgery in 1402

How much does rhinoplasty cost?

The cost of rhinoplasty is different for different people; Because nose surgery is planned and performed specifically for one person based on his aesthetic and functional needs.. For this reason, consultation and evaluation with Dr. Majid Rasti is necessary for an accurate estimate of the minimum cost of rhinoplasty. During the initial consultation at the cosmetic surgery clinic, you will be given advice before the nose job. We can review your beauty goals and medical records and choose the best and most appropriate procedure for you.

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What does the final cost of rhinoplasty include?

Usually, the cost of rhinoplasty includes the following:

  1. surgeon fee
  2. Anesthetist fee
  3. Hospital expenses
  4. Tax will be added to all the mentioned costs.

The big difference in the price and cost of nose surgery performed by different surgeons is due to the big difference in all the mentioned costs.. Below we will take a closer look at each of these factors that determine the price of rhinoplasty :

surgeon fee

The salary of a rhinoplasty specialist usually includes the cost of the rhinoplasty itself. Cost of surgery Nasal boneIt depends on the surgery you choose. The huge difference in the cost of rhinoplasty surgery shows the expertise of the surgeon in rhinoplasty, his professional qualifications, experience, recognition and fame..

Nose reconstructive surgery (Secondary) To correct deformities and function of the nose

You have to make sure that to bear the cost of the surgery Nasal bone or fleshy You have chosen a surgeon with the necessary qualifications. Most surgeons say that rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult surgeries to reduce the size of the nose. Also, this procedure is one of the few cosmetic surgeries that require subsequent corrections. This is because nose plastic surgery, is a combination of science and art, and the smallest things can lead to big reactions, both negative and positive.

Your surgeon must share the cost of rhinoplasty with you in the initial consultation.

The salary of a bony nose surgeon may reach several million, which varies depending on the circumstances of each surgeon. The fees offered by different surgeons may also vary according to the type of operation required. This is fair, as more complex procedures will require more expertise, skill and time in the operating room.

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Initial consultation fee

Price Rhinoplasty | In the first visit to a nose surgery specialist, the initial consultation will also have a cost. This cost, like the salary of the surgeon, depends on him.

About doing Nose surgery and pregnancy , if decided to do Nose surgery If you have and are thinking about pregnancy or have recently given birth, a consultation session will be arranged before the surgery.. You can ask all your questions in this session. Nose surgery In many cases it is irreversible. Therefore, you should make sure that you have all the information you need about your situation before doing so. Some of the questions below can clear your doubts.

Anesthetist fee

The salary of anesthesiologists depends on their conditions. These people, like many other medical specialists and nose surgeons, do not have a specific salary. Why do you need a qualified anesthesiologist? This person monitors your vital functions and life while you are unconscious. You need a specialist who knows the ins and outs of anesthetic drugs, is familiar with the possible risks and risks, and can fix them when you are anesthetized.. In addition to safety, the skill of the anesthetist can be an important factor in your comfort during and after the rhinoplasty..

Most surgeons only work with qualified anesthesiologists, and their wages will be much higher than a regular anesthesiologist doing the same job..

Hospital expenses

The cost of different hospitals will be very different. Make sure you go to a well-equipped and reputable hospital with trained personnel and high standards for your rhinoplasty.. Most famous surgeons only use these hospitals. The main component of hospital costs is the cost of the operating room..

Hospital fees for nose surgery usually do not include overnight stay. The cost that is usually announced includes the cost of the daily operation, which consists of 1 to 3 hours in the operating room and the time it takes to recover after the operation and remove the effect of anesthetic drugs.. Of course, if overnight stay is required, the costs will be higher.

Other expenses

Price Rhinoplasty | In rhinoplasty operation, there may be other costs that will be higher than the mentioned main costs..

The cost of medical tests, if needed : Depending on your general health and other possible medical complications, some medical tests may be required before rhinoplasty.. The cost of these tests will be paid separately from the cost of rhinoplasty. It is also necessary to perform a CT scan to ensure that the nasal passages are straight.
The cost of additional methods : Additional procedures during rhinoplasty may incur additional costs. One of these additional procedures that is commonly performed involves grafting tissue from other parts of the body to the nose in order to enlarge it by changing its overall shape.. In addition, the surgeon may charge a higher fee for open surgery on the nose, which requires more time..

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The cost of rhinoplasty surgery : Insurance problems

If your intention is to perform nose surgery to correct the way it works and to fix defects such as deviation of the nasal septum and breathing problems, insurance is a part of the cost of the nose surgery. (Or even all of it) will cover. Be sure to make the necessary arrangements with your insurance company before performing nose plastic surgery, because some of these companies require approval before performing nose surgery..

Rhinoplasty performed for cosmetic purposes is usually not covered by insurance companies.

Guide to natural nose surgery

Guide to natural nose surgery

Guide to natural nose surgery

Natural nose surgery | According to all schools of rhinoplasty, a beautiful nose is a natural nose. In fact, the nose in an ugly shape when a person speaks makes the audience's attention on the face to be drawn to the nose . But a beautiful and natural nose causes the attention of the audience to be drawn not to the nose, but to the beautiful parts of the face such as the eyes, eyebrows and cheeks, especially in Iranians who have beautiful eyes and eyebrows..

Interestingly, in our popular culture, the idea is exactly the opposite. And many people want the nose to look completely operated after the operation and the audience will notice the person's nose surgery . This is exactly against the principles of facial beauty. Recently, it is said in all schools of plastic surgery of the nose . Functional rhinoplasty surgery means that there is no single cosmetic surgery at all . And in addition to cosmetic surgery, it is very important to maintain the maximum function of the nasal structures and discuss nasal breathing.

In rhinoplasty and reconstructive surgery, the goal is to restore the body's normal shape and function. This branch of surgery has various applications and it is used to treat complications and effects of various complications in different parts of the body of children and adults..

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What does a beautiful nose mean?

Natural nose surgery | According to the opinion of all schools and nose operation guides, a beautiful nose is a natural nose. In fact, the nose looks ugly when speaking . The attention of the audience should be drawn to the nose on the face, but a beautiful and natural nose makes it possible to draw attention to the beautiful parts of the face such as the eyes, eyebrows and cheeks when speaking. . Especially in Iranians who have beautiful eyes and eyebrows.

Attracts the attention of the audience. Interestingly, in our popular culture, the idea is exactly the opposite . And many people want the nose to look completely operated after the operation and the audience will notice the person's nose surgery . This is exactly against the principles of facial beauty and nose surgery guidelines. Should rhinoplasty only be focused on the appearance of the nose, and only in certain noses is the problem of nasal deviation or other functional problems of the nose relevant?

This is a very key question. Recently, it is said in all schools of rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty guide . Functional surgery (Functional) And the beauty of the nose, that is, there is no cosmetic surgery alone, and in addition to cosmetic surgery, it is very important to maintain the maximum function of the nasal structures and discuss nasal breathing..

What is the difference between cosmetic surgery and functional surgery and rhinoplasty?

In rhinoplasty, the focus is only on the appearance of the nose, and in order to achieve maximum beauty, the unsightly parts are mainly removed from the nose structure.. While in functional and cosmetic surgery (which recently all schools of nose surgery in the world believe in) Rhinoplasty is performed with minimal removal of components . And by maintaining the structures of the nose and its new shape, beauty is achieved in an optimal way . And the nasal valve will be strengthened and preserved.

Can other nose problems, including nasal deviation and sinus problems, be solved during cosmetic surgery in one session?

This is a very key point. Recently, it is recommended to correct nose deviations, whether mild or severe, during cosmetic surgery and in the same session, as well as sinus problems such as cysts.. Of course, this issue includes most people because most people have some degree of nasal deviation . And neglecting it and doing only cosmetic surgery can cause many problems for a person in the future. In crooked noses and severe internal nasal deviations, it is always recommended to undergo cosmetic surgery and nasal deviation at the same time. . To minimize the possibility of nose deviation returning to the pre-operative state. Of course, these noses are considered one of the most difficult cosmetic surgeries.

What is the purpose of rhinoplasty?

The goal is to make the appearance of the nose more proportional to other parts of the face while maintaining the optimal respiratory function of the nose . What are the general cosmetic changes that are made in most noses?

Usually, the tip of people's nose shrinks a little. Nasal hump (در صورت وجود) is removed. Bony part of the nose (in the upper half) It becomes narrow and a proportional narrowness is established from the top to the tip of the nose. The sagging of the tip of the nose is corrected and a gentle and natural rotation is created on the tip of the nose. In addition, the nose should be from the bottom view (Looking down the nose) find a desirable triangular shape.

Is it possible to choose a specific model and ask the surgeon to operate the nose similar to it?

No, every nose has its own appearance and its beauty is more appropriate for the same nose in the context of the same person's face, and it is never possible to make the shape of the nose similar to a model, and even if it is done, it will not be beautiful in that shape of the face.

In which noses are the results of cosmetic surgery poor?

People who have fleshy noses and very large nose tips, people whose face and nose skin is very oily. People whose nose skin is very thin. In the first two groups, the patient's skin does not allow the surgical changes well, and in the third case, the smallest height and height and the changes made have an external appearance due to the thinness of the skin..

Why is the result of surgery in fleshy noses weaker?

In rhinoplasty surgery, the skin on the nose is raised with a special technique . And the bony and cartilaginous structures under the skin are more appropriate and beautiful with surgery, and then at the end, the skin is placed back in its previous position and sutured..

Surgeons are not allowed to manipulate the skin much. In fleshy noses, the main problem is the extreme thickness of the skin and its subcutaneous tissue . Even with the best surgery (On bony and cartilaginous parts) When we put the skin in its place . And we sew, because of its thickness, it does not allow the underlying changes to show. Of course, there are special techniques of meat nose surgery that slightly increase this appearance of changes . But surely the results will be weaker than bone noses.

Is the best result achieved in cosmetic surgery with one surgery, and does the need for re-surgery confirm the surgeon's technique?

In most cases, a favorable result is achieved with a surgery . But due to reasons such as the delicate, complex and mobile structure of the nose and the effect of nasal respiratory pressure, even in the hands of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world, between 10 and 15 percent of cases are possible. . The need for reconstructive surgery or retouching to correct minor residual complications after the first surgery . And this problem is not a sign of the weakness of the surgeon's technique. It is very important for people to be aware of this before undergoing rhinoplasty.