How does pregnancy affect the beauty of the nose?

How does pregnancy affect the beauty of the nose?

The effect of pregnancy on rhinoplasty

Unnecessary surgeries during pregnancy and immediately after should be done under the supervision of a specialist so as not to harm the mother's body.. Also, the effect of pregnancy on nose surgery is not small, and we will discuss some of these cases in the following.

Wait until your rhinoplasty recovery period is over.

It is reasonable to have rhinoplasty a few months after giving birth. Similarly, immediate pregnancy after rhinoplasty is not recommended at all. Most rhinoplasty surgeons claim that pregnancy will have no effect on rhinoplasty and they can get pregnant immediately after rhinoplasty and after their recovery period is over, under the supervision of a specialist.. Some nose surgeons believe that pregnancy after 4 to 6 months of rhinoplasty does not affect rhinoplasty..

On the other hand, the waiting time to get pregnant after rhinoplasty depends on your recovery process and the medications you are taking. A plastic nose surgeon usually prescribes painkillers, which may cause a little disturbance during pregnancy. In order to have a healthy pregnancy after rhinoplasty, it is better to wait a week after finishing the drug treatment.

Of nose surgery | How does pregnancy affect the beauty of the nose?.

Important factors for deciding on pregnancy and nose surgery

Right after nose surgery, the patient may not be able to have a pregnancy plan due to nose care and special conditions.. بعد از جراحی بینی:

  • Your nose will be touched
  • You may feel uncomfortable (Probably with a headache)
  • You have to sleep with your head up.
  • There will be discomfort from the bandage on the nose
  • It interferes with your breathing
  • There may be pain when removing tampons and bandages

For some people, significant bruising and swelling around the nose and eyes will be observed for weeks or months.

Think a little :

Although breastfeeding can be done after the operation, you will be under medical treatment and the pain medication will enter the baby's body through breast milk for the first few days.. That said, raising a baby can be a little difficult for first-time moms, so it might not be wise to add the stress of rhinoplasty..

Medically, many doctors recommend that breastfeeding mothers do not take certain medications that may pass into breast milk and the baby.. There are many medications that fit into this category and should be avoided.

You can learn about the effect of pregnancy and nose surgery before and after pregnancy See a cosmetic surgeon Ask your questions thoroughly.

Of nose surgery | The effect of rhinoplasty on eye beauty

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Nose bleeding after rhinoplasty

Nose bleeding after rhinoplasty

Bleeding after rhinoplasty

Nose bleeding after rhinoplasty | بعد از Nose surgery Many complications may occur that cause a lot of concern for people . Among the complications that have always been a concern for people, bleeding after Nose surgery is one of the most common cases that does not require much sensitivity.

Causes of nosebleeds after rhinoplasty

Bleeding rate after عمل بینی , only in 2% of people and between 8 and 14 days after Nose surgery it happens. People who bleed after عمل بینی suffer, none of them showed any symptoms in the blood coagulation tests before or after the operation.. Average bleeding is about one unit of blood.

In all these patients, blood clots were cleaned and bleeding using tampon And the injection of some drugs is controlled. This treatment is sufficient in many people. So far, no one has been seen who did not receive enough treatment and needed a blood transfusion.

How does bleeding happen?

Although bleeding after rhinoplasty is rare. But bleeding may occur due to the lack of drainage of blood from the pharynx and due to the closed space between the mucous membrane of the septum and the nostril.. In case of bleeding, this bleeding can be stopped by placing a tampon.

Is bleeding after nose surgery normal?

After rhinoplasty, bleeding from the nose is normal for the first week and often in the first two to three days. If there is no damage to the nose, this is normal. Bleeding in 5 to 7 days after Nose surgery It is not normal at all. The cause of these bleedings may be due to the use of anticoagulants or the use of herbal medicines.

Most nose surgeons use tampons for two main reasons, which include preventing nosebleeds and the second reason is to maintain the shape of the nose in the early days after nose surgery..
By keeping the inside of the nose clean and collecting blood vessels, tampons greatly reduce the possibility of infection after nose surgery.. It is very important to maintain the shape of the nose in the early days after nose surgery, and you should try to protect your nose from accidents or damage..

Does it hurt to remove the tampon?

Many people who do rhinoplasty, before rhinoplasty, ask the question, does it hurt to remove the tampon? If local drugs are used correctly, the amount of pain after removing the tampon will be greatly reduced. Many people feel more pain when pulling a tampon due to the sensitivity of the nasal tissue and the fear of changing the shape of the nose.. In some people, due to excessive nosebleeds and not paying attention to the precautions stated by the nose surgeon, they have pain when pulling tampons..

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6 care tips for secondary rhinoplasty surgery

6 care tips for secondary rhinoplasty surgery

Determining the purpose of secondary rhinoplasty

رینوپلاستی ثانویه | It is necessary that before the action the purpose of We need to tell this group of patients what can happen if colloids in the nose occur To be determined. Some patients want to change the shape and appearance of their nose, and others suffer from structural problems of the nose. In these cases, it is necessary to examine the nose and the internal structure of the nose before the operation and during the consultation session. On the other hand, some patients only want changes in the appearance of the nose, while the structure of the nose has underlying problems and needs to be corrected. These things are told to the patient during the consultation session.

Important points before secondary rhinoplasty

  • Smoking should be stopped for four weeks before surgery. Nicotine in cigarettes affects the healing process. For repair, proper blood flow is needed for damaged tissues to heal.
  • Have frozen peas and water and salt solution ready at home before surgery. These items are very important for the postoperative period.
  • Wear comfortable clothes on the day of surgery. Button-down dresses are better than t-shirts that don't need to be worn over the head.
  • For the comfort of the patient, it is recommended to use an inhaler at night so that the throat is soft and dry in the first few days after the operation.. This is to relieve dry mouth and throat. For the first few days after surgery, the nose is blocked and the person breathes through the mouth, which causes dryness.
  • You need a member of your family, relatives and friends to be with you after surgery. Therefore, it is very important to coordinate with them before the operation. You need a companion for at least 48 hours after surgery. Having someone with you to prepare drinks and liquid foods can be very helpful. Also, having a companion to take the medicines at the exact time can be very important. After the surgery, you will need a companion to drive you home because you cannot drive. Rhinoplasty is performed under anesthesia and the person cannot drive in this condition.
  • Adequate rest – The body needs adequate rest to repair the damaged area. Patients are advised to walk and stay upright as much as possible, but they should know their limits and avoid strenuous activities..

Of nose surgery | رینوپلاستی ثانویه

6 important points about care after secondary rhinoplasty

۱- Companion after surgery
There are many pros and cons of rhinoplasty. After the repair operation, it is necessary to have a companion with the person to drive and take him home. Because the nose job is done under anesthesia and the person is not very conscious after the surgery.

۲- Avoiding certain medications
After the secondary rhinoplasty operation, as with many surgical procedures, it is necessary to avoid certain drugs. Taking medications that thin the blood can delay the healing process. Among these drugs, we can mention aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E and some herbal medicines.

۳- Sleeping and resting after surgery
After nose surgery, the head needs to be slightly higher than normal and it is recommended to use two pillows under the head so that blood does not accumulate in the head area.. It is also recommended that the person rests as much as possible and does not put too much pressure on the head.

۴- Sticking to the nose
Bonding after nose reconstruction surgery may be very important. Gluing must be done correctly. This work is done by the doctor and is gradually taught to the patient.

۵- Nasal massage
After the operation, at the discretion of the doctor, you can use a massage with a suitable technique to give the nose a proper shape and repair it faster..

۶- The right time to see the result of secondary rhinoplasty surgery
Usually, after the initial nose surgery, it is recommended to wait a year to see the results of the surgery. But after the nose repair operation, this time is shorter. But still, in some cases, it may take a year to see the result.


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Example of male nose surgery (۵)

Example of male nose surgery (۵)

Example of male nose surgery (۵) by Isfahan nose surgeon


In this video Example of male nose surgery We see him immediately after the operation in the operating room.

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As with any surgery, rhinoplasty may occur and cause concern for patients


Zero to one hundred bony rhinoplasty

Zero to one hundred bony rhinoplasty

What do you know about rhinoplasty?

Bone nose rhinoplasty | One of the most important and common cosmetic surgeries performed in Iran nose plastic surgery است. Rhinoplasty has become so popular in Iran that every year many people from other countries of the world come to Iran to put their noses in the hands of one of the best plastic surgeons in Iran.. When a person decides to Nose surgery takes, the first term he hears Nasal bone و بینی گوشتی است. In fact, based on these two types of nose, he decides which is the best Of nose surgery refer to.

Why do people with cartilaginous noses do rhinoplasty?

People who go to a plastic surgery specialist to correct the defects of this type of nose have the chance to have a much more beautiful nose after the surgery.. This is because the skin of the nose in these people is thin and changes can be seen well in these noses. In fact, it can be said that the thinness of the nasal skin and the strength of the cartilages are the important differences between the bony nose and the fleshy nose, which causes the result Nose bone to look more beautiful.

But about the common problems of noses with strong bones, the following can be mentioned:

  • The presence of a hump or depression on the nasal septum
  • Crooked nasal septum
  • Eagle nose
  • Asymmetry of the nostrils
  • Big nose
  • Drooping tip of nose

Of nose surgery | The effect of rhinoplasty on eye beauty.

What is the reason for humps on bony nasal septums?

Humps on bony noses occur for two reasons:

Genetics: Sometimes a person is born with a bony nose with a hump. This problem becomes more evident during their puberty.
Environmental factors: Sometimes factors such as accidents and hitting the nose cause a fracture in the nose. This fracture shows itself as a hump.

What is the best age for strong cartilage nose surgery?

Whether the nose is bone or flesh, it is recommended to perform rhinoplasty after the full growth of the facial components. In general, it is recommended that people after 16 years of age do nose surgery. But the top nose surgery specialists of Iran and the world believe that 18 years old is the best age for rhinoplasty surgery.

What model is suitable for rhinoplasty?

Nose surgery is generally performed with 3 models:

  1. Natural model
  2. Fantasy model (Dolls)
  3. Semi-fantasy model (half doll)

Next, by examining the features of each of these models, we introduce the best nose model for Bony Nose.

Natural model for bony noses

The natural model is one of the most popular nose models and of course the most scientific model. This model has a natural nose tip (with an angle between 90 and 120 degrees with the lips), the smooth blade is known for its standard thickness and the right size of holes for easy breathing. This model will have a very beautiful result for the bony nose of men and women. In addition to beauty, breathing is also easy in this model.

Of nose surgery | The effect of rhinoplasty on eye beauty

Fantasy model for bony noses

A doll or fantasy nose is one of the models that has its own charm and beauty, but the nose job is not only done for the sake of beauty, but the person's breathing and smell are also important.. Although the fantasy nose model has a very beautiful result for women's bony noses, it is not a scientific model. The blade is too narrow and thin, the tip of the nose is too high, the arch of the nose is too small, and the holes are too small, which makes breathing difficult and the person only looks beautiful. (Although this model does not create beauty for everyone, especially if the other parts of the face are large).

Semi-fantasy model for bony noses

One of the newest nose models, which is a combination of fantasy and natural models, is semi-fantasy nose surgery. This surgery has many fans among women. This model, which has a relatively high tip, a semi-narrow blade and a slight arch, is a good choice for bony noses. Although the breathing function in this nose is not as good as the normal model, it still has an acceptable function.

What are the complications of rhinoplasty?

In general, if the nose is not operated by a good cosmetic doctor, problems will definitely arise for the person, some of which are irreparable.. Among the most common problems after nose surgery, the following can be mentioned:

  • non-standardization of nose size;
  • Excessive head elevation of the nose (Nasal congestion)؛
  • tilting of the nasal septum;
  • drooping of the tip of the nose;
  • The presence of a hump or depression on the nose.

As we mentioned above, choice Bone nose surgeon Well, one of the most important steps is nose surgery.

What is the cost of rhinoplasty?

The price of rhinoplasty in the city of Isfahan depends on various factors, which include::

  1. The level of expertise of the surgeon and his skill
  2. The patient's nose and its problems
  3. Cost of assistants including anesthesiologist
  4. Cost of hospital and surgery
  5. Side costs such as photo studio before surgery, cost of blood test, etc.

It is better to ask the exact cost of the surgery when you consult a doctor. The cost can be accurately estimated only by examining the plastic surgeon.


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