Review of nasal osteotomy surgery

Review of nasal osteotomy surgery

Nasal osteotomy surgery

Nasal osteotomy surgery | If you decide to have rhinoplasty or if you have ever thought about this common cosmetic surgery in Iran, you have probably thought about how the nasal bone is formed during the operation? For example, how is the hump on the septum removed?. In this article, we will learn about a technique called nasal osteotomy, which helps to form the nasal bone. Stay with us.

The structure of the nose is made up of bone and cartilage. The bones are mostly located in the lateral and upper half of the nose, and the cartilages are located in the lower part of the nose. when جراح بینی To repair the nasal bone, it is necessary to cut it, the nasal osteotomy technique is used. Simply put, a nasal osteotomy is to break the lateral bones of the nose and reshape them to the desired position..

استئوتومی (osteotomy) In medical science, any surgical operation in which a bone is cut to make it longer or shorter is called. This technique can be used on any bone in the body, in which the surgeon straightens and modifies the bone.

Of nose surgery | Nasal osteotomy surgery

Osteotomy surgery is used for what noses?

Most noses require osteotomy during surgery. what in Nasal bone And what in بینی های گوشتی , osteotomy is used . It is rarely possible in practice nose plastic surgery Do not use osteotomy.

Treatment of nasal deviation

When the nasal septum is deviated, the plastic surgery specialist has to break the bones of the nose and put them in the correct place in order to straighten it with the osteotomy method.. Deviated noses or noses that have been damaged and broken due to impact and accidents will be treated with the help of osteotomy surgery..

Noses with wide blades

If the blade or the bridge of the nose is too wide and looks misshapen from the front, it will be corrected with the help of osteotomy technique.. In this procedure, the nasal bone is broken and placed in the ideal position in the midline.

Fix nasal hump

One of the features that most bony noses face is the presence of a hump on the septum. The osteotomy method in surgery eliminates this hump. If the nasal hump is mild, use a surgical scraper (Resp) , Is cut, but if the bone protrusion is high, it is corrected using an osteotomy.

Treatment of broken nose deformity

When the nose is broken due to an accident, in addition to causing breathing problems, it also looks crooked and deformed.. Rhinoplasty with the help of osteotomy is quite practical in solving this problem. With this method, جراح بینی It breaks the bone and puts it in a straight and straight direction. If needed, the surgeon uses a graft or cartilage graft to fill the nostrils..

Of nose surgery | Nose reduction surgery

How many types of osteotomies are there?

Osteotomy can be technically performed laterally, medially or medially, which are very professional and technical topics and each has its own applications.. Another point is that osteotomy can be performed externally (From the surface of the skin) Or internally (From inside the nasal mucosa) He did it, which is usually done internally.

Another thing worth mentioning is that recently, instead of the osteotome and hammer, the piezoelectric method (Piezoelectric) It is also used to break the bones of the nose, which theoretically reduces inflammation and swelling of the soft tissue.

How long should I rest after osteotomy?

The recovery period for rhinoplasty with or without osteotomy is about 7 to 10 days. After this operation, there may be a lot of swelling and bruising around the eyes, but after 3 to 4 days, these symptoms will gradually decrease.. Using an ice pack during this time will help reduce swelling and bruising very quickly. In addition, you will not feel any pain by taking the painkillers prescribed by your doctor.

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The effect of weight fluctuations on the result of rhinoplasty surgery

The effect of weight fluctuations on the result of rhinoplasty surgery

Does weight fluctuations affect the shape of the nose after cosmetic surgery?

Weight fluctuations | One of the questions that arise for people after nose surgery is this . Does their nose get smaller as their weight increases and their faces get fatter or not? Rhinoplasty is focused on changing the shape and making the nose and face in general more beautiful . And when the person's weight increases . The changes that occur on the body will increase and these changes will affect the whole body.

Many of those who do not pay attention to the effect of excess weight or vice versa weight loss on the face and nose . And after a period of time, they see changes on their nose. If you intend Nose surgery Do it . Before that, you should have the necessary information about the effect of weight fluctuations on your nose.

Massage the nose In order to narrow it down, it is a question that sometimes bothers our minds. How do we know if our nose is small or not?. What factors cause the nose to enlarge?. How to slim a small nose? Medicine to fatten the face, big nose and thin face. Nose shrinking in sleep, nose shrinking with lemon juice, facial obesity pills in the pharmacy, the most uncomplicated facial obesity pills, mesotherapy and carboxy, facial obesity and hyaluronic acid serum, etc..

Of nose surgery | The effect of weight fluctuations on the result of rhinoplasty surgery.

The effect of thinness and obesity after nose surgery

With weight gain, fat is added around the muscles of the body, weight loss and slimming causes the removal of these fats from around these muscles.. Because the nose is not made of fat tissue . Increasing or decreasing weight does not have a direct effect on increasing or decreasing it . and the result Nose surgery It should be fixed . But the change in weight has an effect on obesity or thinness . It creates the impression that your nose is small or enlarged.

The components of the nose include cartilage, skin tissue and bone . And there are no fat cells in the nose. As a result, weight loss or weight gain does not have a direct effect on its shape change. The nose is part of your face and any change in your weight can cause disproportion in your face.

For example, if fat has accumulated in the chin area . It can affect the profile. The chin and nose are not balanced . And obesity will not have a direct effect on nose surgery . But you should know that it causes . It disturbs the harmony between the nose and the face. To maintain the fit between your face and nose, bring your weight to the ideal weight before performing the procedure . To maintain the beauty and fit of your face and nose for years.

Effects of weight change on the face

Losing weight and vice versa can have an effect on the proportions of the face. Excess body fat accumulates in the jaw, neck and chin areas. In addition, it causes weight loss . The bones of the neck, jaw, and chin areas protrude and become more prominent than normal. Therefore, it can be concluded that weight change affects the face . and cause an imbalance between the nose and face.

When you want to undergo rhinoplasty surgery . Attention should be paid to the change in the shape of the nose, the beauty of the face, and obesity or thinness after عمل بینی pay attention . which is usually ignored. For this reason, after nose surgery, your thinness and obesity will change the shape of your face and cause disharmony between the parts of the nose and face..

Of nose surgery| The effect of weight fluctuations on the result of rhinoplasty surgery

The most common causes of weight loss after rhinoplasty

The physical condition of nose surgery applicants is usually one of the factors that affect the final result and complications of the surgery. For this reason, the specialist doctor performs a physical examination of the applicants before performing nose surgery, and during these examinations, apart from the patient's skin type, factors such as facial symmetry, elongated face, weight and blood sugar are analyzed..

In general, it can be said that the human nose does not have much fat, and as a result, weight fluctuations – Losing weight or getting fat after nose surgery does not have the same factors as size and other beauty factors before and after surgery.

Tip: The final and absolute size of the nose is determined 6 months to a year after rhinoplasty, and obesity and thinness cannot affect the size of the nose..

The effect of weight fluctuations on the result of rhinoplasty

Some people are worried about the fact that it is possible that their nose will become bigger as they gain weight, but such a claim is not scientifically possible.. The important point here is that the final result of rhinoplasty does not change directly with the fluctuation of the patient's weight, but the symmetry and proportion of the facial parts can be affected by this issue..

Suitable weight for nose surgery

There are many applicants who are worried about their weight before undergoing rhinoplasty and ask about the effect of excess weight on the result of the operation.. Our advice to you is that the patient should reduce their weight within a normal range before deciding to have a nose surgery, and after reaching a suitable weight, proceed with their nose surgery..


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Why do we need nose reconstruction surgery?

Why do we need nose reconstruction surgery?

We need to tell this group of patients what can happen if colloids in the nose occur

Nose reconstruction surgery is known as Revision Rhinoplasty. This action is divided into two types:

The first group includes cases where a person suffers from a defect in all or part of his nasal tissue as a result of an accident. In this case, the nose needs to be repaired and reconstructed . that the plastic surgeon repairs or reconstructs the tissue of the nose . which requires multiple and complex surgeries.

The second group Nose reconstructive surgery which is more common and idiomatic . Means Secondary action or nose retouching. In this type of operation, individual operation once nose plastic surgery and now he is dissatisfied with the shape and function of his nose for various reasons . And it feels like it needs to be done again. It can be said that this action is much more important than the initial action . And the surgical work is more difficult because the nasal tissue undergoes changes in the initial operation that make the work difficult Nose reconstruction surgeon makes it harder.

Of nose surgery | We need to tell this group of patients what can happen if colloids in the nose occur

Why is the nose operated for the second time?

Primary nose surgery and choosing one جراح بینی Well, it is very important . And as a result, the action has a lot of impact. Sometimes due to lack of experience جراح بینی Or, in some cases, problems arise due to the patient's lack of caution in taking care after nose surgery . That makes the person act for the second time nose plastic surgery to do. The most important possible problems . As a result of inappropriate surgery, there are::

  • Improper breathing – Closure of the nasal airway

Sometimes due to the lack of experience or expertise of the doctor Nose surgery First, the structure of the patient's nose and breathing is damaged. This causes . that the person faces breathing problems such as wheezing while breathing or not noticing the smell of the surrounding environment. Nasal obstruction (Nasal tipping after surgery) And blowing the nose while breathing causes the person to do the second action.

  • Exaggeration in rhinoplasty – Unnatural appearance and excessive changes

The most important goal of rhinoplasty is the natural beauty of the person and the elimination of the facial defects of the nose. Unfortunately, some doctors, due to not being aware of today's aesthetic science, choose models that a person will notice after a few years. . that the shape of the nose is very artificial. Also, some nose models are not suitable for all people.

Imagine that a man with masculine facial features, Doll nose Have! Or a woman with large facial features and a fleshy surgical nose Natural nose or Semi Fantasy have experienced. Exceeding the changes and making the nose unnatural makes a person decide to have a nose job again.

  • Drooping tip of nose

sometimes because the doctor did not strengthen the cartilages of the nose properly . Tip of the nose After some time, it starts to sag and creates an inappropriate appearance for the person. For this reason, nose reconstruction surgery is performed.

Of nose surgery | جراحی ترمیمی بینی.

  • Remaining nasal hump after surgery

Some people notice after the operation that Nasal hump They are not fixed in the initial operation and the appearance of their nose is ugly. Nose reconstruction helps to remove the hump left from the initial operation.

  • The asymmetry of the holes after the operation

Many people have this concern before nose surgery . that their nostrils are the same. First of all, it should be said that sometimes this is not possible . But one Good nasal surgeon The official Instagram page of Dr. Majid Rasti . Make the holes as similar as possible. Sometimes the asymmetry of the holes is so great . that one has to do Reconstructive rhinoplasty می شود.

  • Remaining large nose or its tip after surgery

Sometimes the person for کوچک کردن بینی Acts . But due to the doctor's lack of skill, the nose does not shrink enough . Although it may have a beautiful form. Secondary rhinoplasty helps to solve this problem.

  • Excessive thinning of the nasal septum

Excessive narrowing of the nasal septum, which occurs mostly in bony noses . In addition, one of the problems is the unusual shape of the nose . It also causes problems for the person in terms of breathing. In reconstructive rhinoplasty, the surgeon fixes this problem by strengthening the cartilage.

  • Scar on the columella after surgery – Internal or external scarring

One of the biggest problems that arise from improper nose surgery . Scars or internal and external wounds that cause bumps or depressions on the nose . And it makes the nose look ugly. Dr. Bini solves this problem with a second surgery.

Of nose surgery | Fantasy Rhinoplasty

  • Nasal septum deviation after surgery

انحراف تیغه بینی Or a crooked nose after surgery is one of the common problems . which may be caused by surgery by a non-specialist doctor . and lack of patient care. Sometimes the impact after nose surgery causes the bone to be crooked. For this reason, a person performs cosmetic surgery for the second time.

  • The distance between the holes after the operation

Failure to observe proportion in nose surgery and lack of mastery of aesthetics on the part of the surgeon causes it . that the distances between the nostrils increase . And the person has an unpleasant feeling from his nose. Revision Rhinoplasty will greatly help to solve this problem.

  • Fibrosis or extra meat after surgery

When surgery is performed . In fact, the skin is damaged. To repair this damage, a tissue called fibrosis is formed . Fibrous tissue is a very important tissue for repairing damaged parts of the body. But in rhinoplasty, and generally rhinoplasty, if the nose becomes too small . The body forms more than normal fibrotic tissue to repair the scar. This makes it so بینی گوشتی After the operation, there is extra meat or the size of the nose is bigger than before surgery.

  • The up and down of the nose blades after the operation

Another common problem after the operation is the disproportion of the upper and lower nostrils. This problem is caused by not observing symmetry during surgery and not mastering plastic surgery. This problem can be solved in nose retouching.

Of nose surgery | Examining the pros and cons of rhinoplasty

  • Clip nose or pinch

Another reason why patients may come for nose retouching . It is the depression of the lateral cartilages of the nose . Especially when breathing, which becomes the so-called Pinch mode.

The problems that were mentioned can easily be solved with Choosing a nose surgeon Well for the first surgery it is preventable. For this reason, if you are careful in choosing a doctor . There is no need to worry and it is rare that a person will have to undergo secondary surgery by choosing a good nose doctor.

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Nasal polyp treatment and surgery

Nasal polyp treatment and surgery

Is nasal polyp surgery dangerous?

Nasal polyps are caused by the unbalanced growth of nasal mucosa cells in one part. Nasal polyps are lumps that interfere with breathing at the junction of the nose, cheek, and eyes..

Some people suffer from congestion and capping of their respiratory tract without having a cold. The reason can be the growth and presence of polyps in the respiratory tract of their nose. Polyps are benign masses that grow on the inner wall of the nose and in the paranasal sinuses.. It is interesting to know that most people have nasal polyp and have it in their nasal passages. But it may be small in size and not a problem for the person. In some cases, its size has increased and blocks the person's airway.

People of different ages can experience nasal polyps, and men are 4 times more likely to develop nasal polyps than women.. The existence of some factors in people increases the possibility of developing polyps in the nose. In addition to genetics, asthma, hay fever, allergies, sinus infections, and in some cases drug allergies can predispose people to nasal polyps.. Nasal polyps can dry up the airways.

Of nose surgery | Nasal polyp surgery

Nasal polyp surgery

If medical treatment doesn't shrink or eliminate nasal polyps, you may need endoscopic surgery to remove the polyps and correct sinus problems that make them prone to inflammation and sinus problems.. In this surgery, the surgeon inserts a small tube with a magnifying lens or a small camera (آندوسکوپ) into your nostrils and directs it into your sinus cavities.

The surgeon uses small instruments to remove polyps and other materials that block the flow of fluid from the sinuses.. Also, the surgeon may sometimes enlarge the openings that lead from the sinuses to the nasal passages..

For larger polyps located in the front of the nose, your doctor may be able to remove them using an instrument called a microdebrider.. At the same time, it removes loose material (Removes tissue) and suction. Alternately, the doctor will remove the polyps using small forceps. This process is called intranasal polypectomy. For polyps that are very small, wider, deeper in your nasal cavity, or otherwise more complicated, a nasal polypectomy is required in the operating room under anesthesia..

Endoscopic surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis. After that, you will probably use a corticosteroid nasal spray to prevent the recurrence of nasal polyps. Your doctor will use a salt water rinse (سالین) will recommend for recovery after surgery.

Of nose surgery | جراحی بینی گوشتی.



Treatment of polyps

As mentioned, polyps can be small and not cause problems. One of the effective treatments for nasal polyps is the treatment of the cause. For example, allergy control, sinusitis treatment, and sinus treatment can prevent polyps from growing back. Drug therapy and surgery are also treatment methods for polyps. Due to the reversibility of polyps, surgery is usually not recommended and drug therapy is a better option.

In drug therapy, sprays and drugs are used according to the size and condition of the polyp. The main ingredient used in medicines and sprays is corticosteroids, which have anti-inflammatory properties and are used to reduce swelling and inflammation.. With the use of these drugs, the size of the polyps is greatly reduced and sometimes they disappear. There are also nasal drops for treatment, but due to some reasons, the use of nasal drops is not recommended.

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Anesthetic effects of rhinoplasty surgery

Anesthetic effects of rhinoplasty surgery

Effects of anesthesia after rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the procedures that the patient must undergo general anesthesia to perform the operation, because in most cases this operation is not performed on an outpatient basis or under local anesthesia..

Anesthesia is the process of forcing a person to take a temporary nap before surgery so that they do not feel the pain caused by the operation.. This operation is performed after receiving anesthesia by an anesthesia technician. In most cases, these drugs may cause side effects after surgery or the patient's body may have an allergic reaction to these drugs..

It is also worth noting that allergies to anesthetics are one of the possible side effects of rhinoplasty..
* Each of these drugs is used for anesthesia according to the age, physical and mental condition of the patient and also according to the discretion of the anesthesiologist..

The effect of anesthesia on rhinoplasty

These side effects and potential risks of anesthetic drugs have caused people who intend to perform nose surgery to be afraid of these side effects and not be able to make a final decision on this matter.. Most of these people think that anesthesia leads to death and other serious damage to their health. Although most of these fears are obsessive and vain. But a little stress is normal for such surgeries.

Bruising around the eyes after rhinoplasty is one of the problems that arise after rhinoplasty.

Of nose surgery | Anesthetic effects of rhinoplasty surgery

Types of anesthesia

1. Local anesthesia
2. Intravenous sedation
3. General anesthesia

Which type of anesthesia is suitable for rhinoplasty?

The choice of anesthesia depends on the expertise and experience of the anesthesiologist. Read this article to know more about the causes of bruising around the eyes and how to get rid of it.

Anesthesia drugs used in rhinoplasty :

In the past, higher-risk drugs were used for rhinoplasty, but now, with advances in medical science, lower-risk and much safer drugs are being used in rhinoplasty.. In the past, drugs called halothane, isoflurane, influenza were used for anesthesia, but now in Iran, drugs called propofol, atra curium, fentanyl are used..

Is it possible to die in rhinoplasty?

First of all, considering the fact that anesthesia is not safe, we will address the above question.

Receiving the drug in rare cases may also lead to the death of a person, although this happened more in the past and with the efforts of experts in this field, the number of deaths due to anesthetics has been greatly reduced to the point where it is close to zero, so there is nothing to worry about. There is no, and you can consider all aspects of nose surgery and enjoy the benefits of this operation without fear..

Of nose surgery | Anesthetic effects of rhinoplasty surgery.


  • Nausea and vomiting: One of the most common consequences of anesthesia is nausea and vomiting.

Generally, this state occurs in the first 24 hours after the surgery and it has rarely been seen to continue for several days. These side effects are caused by the anesthetic drug, which of course, because the best anesthetic drugs are used in the country, vomiting and nausea caused by anesthesia have decreased a lot..

  • Shivering feeling: In medical science, hypothermia is the same shivering feeling that is called the time to regain consciousness. You must have experienced it without general anesthesia, the feeling of shivering and tingling that shows itself on the surface of the skin with the graininess of the skin and the prickling of the hairs on the skin..
  • Sore throat: Time to regain consciousness, sore throat is another side effect of general anesthesia. which may often be accompanied by mild hoarseness and dry mouth.
  • سردرد: This complication occurs in local anesthesia. Headache, dizziness and short-term drowsiness are common experiences of most people under local anesthesia.
  • Muscular pain: Abnormal positioning of the organs during surgery causes pain in the shoulders, back, and chest, usually these pains disappear after 2-3 days without the need for special medication..
  • These problems are more common in smokers, and in some people who have underlying diseases such as chronic blood pressure, underlying heart diseases, advanced heart failure, lung failure, brain lesions, etc., anesthesia can have its own consequences..

Monitor the patient's vital signs

When you are unconscious, a metal clip is attached to one of your fingers or toes that measures the oxygen in your blood.. A ready-made blood pressure cuff is placed on your arms and your blood pressure is measured every few minutes during surgery.

Body temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, exhalation carbon dioxide level and brain activities are carefully monitored by the anesthesia and surgery team using advanced devices in the operating room and are displayed on the screens moment by moment. are registered.

In addition, special adhesives are placed on the chest, which is connected to the EKG monitor and shows your EKG to the surgeon during the operation..

Of nose surgery | If a hypothetical line is drawn from the tip of the nose and then we connect a line from the tip of the nose to this line, the angle formed between them should be 30 to 45 degrees.

Recovery - coming to consciousness

When you regain consciousness, you are in the recovery room. My head is connected to you and a plastic splint is placed on the nose and sterile gauze is placed under the nose. In this room, you will be monitored for a few minutes until you fully regain consciousness.

Generally, you will feel a mild sore throat similar to what you probably experienced during a cold. At this stage, you will feel that it is due to the presence of a plastic tube in the throat during surgery.. This pain usually resolves within a few hours or eventually within a day or two.


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Steps to return to normal life after nose surgery

Steps to return to normal life after nose surgery

Care after nose surgery to speed up the healing process includes the following steps that must be followed carefully.


In step 1: The first week after rhinoplasty, the surgeon removes the plaster from the nose and glues it on the nose. The patient can leave home without any signs of surgery. Of course, if there is a bruise around the eyes, it will take 2 weeks to heal. After this time, doing daily activities does not cause any problems.

  • Step 2: Two weeks after the surgery, the swelling of the nose and its surroundings will decrease and the bruising will also disappear.
  • Step 3: Three to four weeks after surgery, you can do light sports activities, such as running, to make the cardiovascular system more active..
  • Step 4: Six weeks after the surgery, the bones have gained enough strength and you can do a little heavier sports. You can also use glasses.
  • Step 5: About three to six months after the surgery, the abnormal sensations or numbness created after the surgery will disappear.
  • Step 6: About a year after the surgery, the swelling has disappeared and the new shape of the nose is defined

Doctor Majid Rasti ardakani

Plastic surgery, reconstructive and burn

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As with any surgery, rhinoplasty may occur and cause concern for patients



How to sleep after nose surgery | Of nose surgery

How to sleep after nose surgery | Of nose surgery

Recommendations for how Sleeping after rhinoplasty


Sleeping on your side causes more bruising and swelling. Sometimes sleeping on the side causes the nose to tilt. For about 6 weeks after surgery, the patient should position his head higher than usual when sleeping.. To do this, you can use two pillows under the head and two pillows or foam on the sides of the head.. Sleeping in a medical bed helps speed up the healing process.


Doctor Majid Rasti ardakani

Plastic surgery, reconstructive and burn

Contact Dr. Majid Rasti | Of nose surgery

As with any surgery, rhinoplasty may occur and cause concern for patients

Care after surgery | Of nose surgery

Care after surgery | Of nose surgery

Care after surgery For faster recovery


  • Following the doctor's recommendations for care after nose surgery must be implemented.
  • Laughing and talking a lot after surgery is prohibited for a while.
  • In the first days after surgery, you should not travel by plane.
  • The use of salty and salty foods is prohibited because sodium increases swelling.
  • Do not keep your head down for the first few weeks after surgery.
  • The doctor prescribes medicines to prevent infection, reduce pain and swelling, which must be taken on time.
  • After surgery, use soft and liquid foods that do not require chewing.
  • Being in crowded and crowded environments increases the possibility of hitting the nose.


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Plastic surgery, reconstructive and burn

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As with any surgery, rhinoplasty may occur and cause concern for patients


Rhinoplasty sample | Of nose surgery

Rhinoplasty sample | Of nose surgery

Rhinoplasty sample Immediately after nose surgery on the operating room bed

The example that we have prepared for you in this clip is the example of male nose surgery by Dr. Majid Rasti.


Doctor Majid Rasti ardakani

Plastic surgery, reconstructive and burn

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As with any surgery, rhinoplasty may occur and cause concern for patients

The best nose reconstruction surgery

The best nose reconstruction surgery

The importance of choosing the best nose surgery for nose reconstruction surgery

Due to the high sensitivity of nose reconstruction surgery, you must be very careful in choosing Best rhinoplasty Keep up the trend جراحی ترمیمی بینی be done with great success.

In fact, you have undergone nose surgery once and many other skin areas, The cartilage and bone of your nose is cut. If you want to do this surgery twice, incisions will be made in this area again Nose surgery makes it impossible for the third time. therefore جراح بینی Must have the necessary skills and knowledge for جراحی ترمیمی have so that the probability of problems in reconstructive surgery reaches zero percent. Therefore, you are the one who should be sensitive to your beauty and health and leave the surgery process to the hands of specialists Best rhinoplasty Submit for nose repair surgery.

Of nose surgery | جراحی ترمیمی بینی

The best time to perform nose reconstruction surgery

One of the most important points that doctors and nose surgeons suggest regarding the right time for nose reconstruction surgery is that you should wait at least one year.. In fact, no nose surgeon accepts to perform this procedure for people before the end of the one-year period after the initial nose surgery. The reasons for this are as follows:

The incisions made during the initial surgery in different parts of the nose take a year to heal and the skin of the nose to fuse to its lower parts.. Therefore, you have to be patient during this period of time because redoing the incisions can cause all kinds of problems in the nose area.

The second reason is that the final result of nose surgery can be seen after one year. For this reason, doctors recommend that you wait until the end of a year, and if you see the final result, if you still decide to do nose reconstruction surgery, the surgeons can help you in this field.. Experience has shown that people become obsessed in the first months, and after the passage of time and seeing the results, they stop doing reconstructive surgery.. Therefore, this period of one year is very important.

Therefore, the most important action you should take is to be extremely careful in choosing a nose surgeon. What forms of nose are suitable for re-rhinoplasty?
Two forms of the nose are suitable for nose reconstruction, which are: :

  • Natural nose
  • Natural nose

What are the uses of nose reconstruction surgery?

Common problems that require secondary rhinoplasty:

  1. Obstruction of the respiratory tract
  2. Changing the appearance of the nose
  3. Loss of internal and external nasal valve
  4. Asymmetry of the nostrils
  5. Abnormal height of the bridge of the nose
  6. Excessive sharpness of the tip of the nose
  7. A deep and thick wound inside or outside the nose

Of nose surgery | Natural nose

What is the surgeon's role in nose reconstruction surgery?

The surgeon plays a very important role in nose surgery. Because choosing an inappropriate surgeon in nose surgery leads to very bad and irreversible results. Also, in the best case, it is possible that the expected results that were expected from the result of the nose job may not be achieved, in which case, it is possible to repair the nose job.. So, for the second time, when a more difficult surgery is ahead, more research should be done about the surgeon and his experiences and knowledge.

In case of incorrect selection for the second time, a third operation may be needed. To choose a suitable surgeon for rhinoplasty, one must know the characteristics of a good surgeon.

What characteristics should a nose retouch surgeon have?

The most important features that a secondary nose surgeon can have are: :

  • Having a good history by seeing his portfolio
  • Knowledge, experience, skill and expertise required in the desired nose operation
  • Having a good relationship with the patient
  • Prioritizing the mood and health of the patient before anything else
  • The ability of the surgeon in nose surgery according to the characteristics of each person's nose

Of nose surgery | Surgery to shrink the nostrils

Conclusion of nose reconstruction surgery

We hope that by considering them, you can make the best decision in the field of performing or not performing nose reconstruction surgery. The most important step for reconstructive nose surgery is the step in which you want to choose a nose surgeon. So don't ever rush for this action because haste will lead to wrong choice.

In the end, the most important advice we have is that nose reconstructive surgery is extremely sensitive. Therefore, this surgery is the last time you have time for nose surgery and its restoration.

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