Treatment of indentation of the nasal fins

Treatment of indentation of the nasal fins

Treatment of indentation of the nasal fins in reconstructive surgery

One of the problems related to the beauty and appearance of the nose is the depression of the nasal fins in people. This depression is for various reasons. In some cases, genetic predisposition causes this problem, which is very rare. In the most common cases, people after عمل جراحی بینی They have a depression in the area of ​​the nasal fins. This problem not only challenges the beauty of the person but also creates problems in the person's breathing. To treat this disorder, treatment methods can be used, including secondary surgery for indentation of the nasal fins..

In the case of nasal flaps, nasal flaps can be primary or congenital or following rhinoplasty.. What keeps the nasal fins in place are primarily the lower cartilage of the nose.. If these cartilages are weak or weakened congenitally or following surgery. (For example, a lot can be removed in surgery) These depressions occur.

This can cause indentation of the nasal fins Respiratory problems As well as physical defects in the person. That's why there is a need to correct these problems. Correction of these defects will be possible by strengthening the structure of the nose and cartilage by using cartilage that is removed from the patient..

In this method, cartilage is added to the structure of the nose like a bridge, to remove these depressions. In some cases, these depressions are such that other soft tissues need to be used to better cover the depressions.. And make the appearance of the nose more beautiful.

Of nose surgery | Treatment of indentation of the nasal fins

Is this surgery successful?

In the vast majority of cases, these surgeries are very successful and have good results. Sometimes it may be crooked and nose deviation Causes weakness on one side of the nose. This is done by removing the skew and nose deviation And strengthen the nasal fins will be corrected.

It is better for Secondary nasal surgery و Restoration of nasal surgery Do not rush. Although it is natural for a person to want all the problems to be solved at the same time, but in this case, it is better for you to wait, because in many cases, it can be seen that your problems are due to swelling after the operation and after It will disappear for a while. So there will be no need for secondary surgery.

Consider the following points before performing secondary nasal indentation surgery:

دکتر مجید راستی جراح بینی They state that the following points must be done before doing any Nose surgery You should know :

1. Have reasonable and workable demands on surgery.
2. Know the complexities Rhinoplasty surgery In any surgery
3. Before surgery, make sure of the health of the nose and have the conditions to perform surgery in consultation with جراح بینی Ask yourself.
4. Injury or wound inside the nose is a barrier to surgery. Treat it before surgery.
5. One year has passed since the last surgery.
6. If you are not satisfied with the initial surgery, do not expect an immediate fix.


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The role of rhinosurgeon skills in surgery outcome

The role of rhinosurgeon skills in surgery outcome

The role of the rhinosurgeon in the outcome of surgery

The role of rhinosurgeon skills | Nose surgery Surgery is performed for two purposes: health and beauty . If either of these two goals is not met, the patient will feel uncomfortable . Which will probably be so severe in some cases. That need to جراحی ترمیمی بینی Have. Choosing a rhinosurgeon is very important. we know. Each surgery consists of three stages before, during and after surgery.

In the meantime جراح بینی They play an important role in all three stages and are the main factor determining the outcome of surgery. It is clear that the most important part, the surgery itself, is quite skillful جراح بینی it depends .

In counseling sessions, the doctor reviews Rhinoplasty, Skin type, deals with the required changes in the nose. Also in this type of preoperative sessions you can meet your expectations for the surgery and the type of nose you have جراح بینی Share yourself. So that you can achieve the desired result by doing consultations and observing the criteria of beauty and health.

A good surgeon He should check all the relevant issues before the surgery. For example, a surgical center or hospital with related equipment and personnel, especially an experienced anesthesiologist, all of which depend on انتخاب جراح بینی has it. In fact, the surgeon must choose his team carefully and obsessively. The most important task of a surgeon in any type of surgery, especially cosmetic surgery, is to maintain the patient's health.

Of nose surgery | تغییر صدا بعد از رینوپلاستی - Voice change after rhinoplasty

Investigation of mental and psychological issues

The next step is to carefully examine the patient's mental and physical issues. Which helps to make the surgical result desirable. Psychological evaluation of the patient in all surgeries is one of the important tasks of physicians. But it is more sensitive in cosmetic procedures. If a person has surgery to remove the infection or remove the tumor. The surgeon can more easily explain to the patient and his companions. And inform them of possible consequences and side effects.

But in a cosmetic surgery, because it is an elective surgery and not necessary, the surgeon must first very carefully determine the motivation for surgery.. Then he should be informed of his expectations. Awareness of these issues can reduce the occurrence of many postoperative problems.

Review of medical records

The doctor then takes a detailed history of the patient and performs a detailed examination. Up in the course of diseases such as Diabetes ، blood pressure Or internal problems or possible drug allergies.
Inform your doctor about your medical history and the medications you are taking. It is necessary in these sessions before surgery. Because it helps to take the necessary measures regarding drugs, because in some cases it is necessary to stop the drugs for a while before surgery or replace them with other drugs, so it is very important to inform the doctor before surgery..

Of nose surgery | Voice change after rhinoplasty

Examination and analysis of the nose and face

In the next step, the doctor performs an analysis of the patient's nose and face. It also asks the patient about the model of the nose. And explains to the patient those that are realistic and able to do them.

جراح بینی In addition to the appearance of the nose, it also matters inside. Because if a nose becomes beautiful but has trouble breathing. It causes permanent pain to the patient. In fact, a good surgeon pays attention to a long-term and lifelong result. Not a nose that is good for a short time. Before surgery, the surgeon determines the treatment plan and surgical method according to the nasal problems. Which, for example, must be done in an open or closed way .

Best rhinoplasty

Best rhinoplasty

Who is the best rhinosurgeon?

If you decide to Nose surgery You have taken. Now we have to look for a doctor who can operate each of these types of noses in a correct and beautiful way. In fact, we should look for the best rhinoplasty surgeon to beautify the nose with his skills. But what are the characteristics of this surgeon?

In the following, we will examine it. You may find this title a cliché that is difficult to find in practice. But we must say that this is the most important part of your decision for surgery. When deciding on rhinoplasty, you need to focus on the most Choosing a nasal specialist Be good because if you do not do this step correctly, you will have to do it again a few years later جراحی ترمیمی بینی Do it yourself. Before choosing a surgeon, be sure to pay attention to the following characteristics of the doctor:

  • Ethics
  • Patience in responding to the patient
  • Skills and experience at work Nose surgery
  • Having a large number Successful portfolio
  • Sufficient expertise in science Nose surgery
  • Having aesthetic knowledge to choose the right model for the person
  • Complete patient guidance before and after surgery
  • Skills in Rhinoplasty


Of nose surgery | بینی های گوشتی

Who is the best fleshy nose surgeon in Isfahan?

بینی گوشتی One of the busiest noses in surgery, surgery requires a direct need for skill جراح بینی Has to be able to perform this surgery with complete delicacy. If جراح بینی Master your work, this is done very well and will not be reversible. A good fleshy nose surgeon in Tehran fixes nasal defects such as wide tip of the nose and its fleshy. It also guides which nose model is more suitable for fleshy nose surgery.

Who is the best bone and nose surgeon in Isfahan?

As we said, Nasal bone It is characterized by the characteristic of thin skin. The thin skin of this nose helps to make the results of the surgery look much more beautiful. But let's not forget that having a hump is another feature of this nose model. Good nasal surgeon He has so much control over his work that he fixes it Nasal hump And correct change Nasal septum will pay.


Of nose surgery | Natural nose


Who is the best puppet nose surgeon in Isfahan?

when Nose surgery Initially, it was popular in Iran, this nose model had a lot of fans. But over time and scientific studies, it became clear that this model does not meet the necessary standards for breathing. Doll nose In the name Natural nose It is also known and its appearance features include having a high head tip, narrow nasal bone, high arch on the nasal septum, too small septum and nostrils.

The angle between the tip of the nose and the lips in this model is more than 100 degrees. Respiratory problems due to the non-standardity of the septum and nostrils have caused the nasal surgeon not to recommend this model. Doll models are never recommended for fleshy noses and people with large facial features.

Who is the best natural rhinosurgeon in Isfahan?

Natural model, standard model in Nose surgery Is very popular among both men and women. Smooth blade without arch, proportional size of nose and holes and standard angle of nose tip and lips (90 to 100 degrees) A feature of this model is the nose. Natural nose model Suitable for both fleshy and bony noses.

A good natural rhinosurgeon in Isfahan, with his skill, observes all the standard items of this nose model. The nose after this surgery, while beautiful and having an attractive shape, it is not clear that an operation has been performed on it.

Of nose surgery | Men's semi-fantasy nose _ female

Who is the best semi-fantasy nose surgery in Isfahan?

Semi-fantasy model Another popular model among women. This nose model, also known as a semi-doll nose, is actually a model between a normal nose and a doll nose. (Fantasy) است. The blade of this nose is neither flat nor has many arches, the blade arch is low in this model. The blade is not as thin and small as a doll's nose, nor is it as wide as a normal nose. Nostrils are not as large as a normal nose, but they are not too small. The semi-fancy nose performs worse than the normal nose and performs better than the fancy nose.



Selecting the best rhinosurgeon in Isfahan

Selecting the best rhinosurgeon in Isfahan

Who is Isfahan Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

These days, plastic and cosmetic surgeries are more common among women. That is why successful surgeons work in the field of cosmetic surgeries, especially rhinoplasty. But if you want to experience perfect beauty, you need to get acquainted with the best rhinosurgeon in Isfahan .

How to choose the best rhinosurgeon in Isfahan?

These days, with the expansion of physicians' activities on websites and social networks, the task of recognizing them and communicating directly with their patients has become easier.. It is enough to take good time before surgery . And carefully perform the necessary examinations on the surgery you are considering. Can go through the following steps . Help you make the right choice in practice.

  • Examine your social networks, channels, and websites . And read the portfolio of rhinosurgeons and comments on them .
  • Consult with physician patients and check for satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
  • Make a list of doctors' addresses and contact numbers . You liked their portfolio and got some information about the quality of their work.
  • Visit the doctor's office in person and see the doctor's portfolio.
  • In a face-to-face consultation, be sure to consider the features mentioned above.

Isfahan Isfahan Rhinoplasty Surgeon What features should be considered during the operation?

In surgery رینوپلاستی It is necessary for the doctor to observe the following::

  1. Nose surgery Based on aesthetic criteria .
  2. Standard shaping of the nose (Do not raise the tip of the nose too much, create symmetry in the nostrils and…) .
  3. Fix nose problems, including Nasal hump، Crooked nose، Drooping tip of nose.
  4. Accuracy and delicacy in surgery .
  5. Skills and science in recognizing the patient's olfactory nerve and not harming Olfactory And .

Of nose surgery | Nose surgery of doctor Majid Rasti

بهترین جراح بینی اصفهان

Doctor Majid Rasti ardakani He is a general surgeon and a subspecialist in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Majid Rasti is also a member of the Association of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons in Iran and the United States . And that is what makes it as the best Of nose surgery To be known.

Mr. Doctor is skilled and accurate in his work and has been able to perform successful surgeries. Get to know Isfahan Rhinoplasty . Before rhinoplasty, the patient has to go through several steps. In the first stage, consult a doctor Rhinoplasty specialist است. In this session, the patient conveys his expectations from rhinoplasty to his doctor.

Get to know Isfahan Rhinoplasty. The patient also undergoes a physical health examination . And the doctor examines the structure of the nose, such as the skin of the nose, outside and inside the nose. To see what changes need to be made. A history of respiratory problems can affect the outcome of rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure. He needs anesthesia and should not work for up to two days, and a person should help him with daily chores.



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What type of nose gets the best results from rhinoplasty?

What type of nose gets the best results from rhinoplasty?

Which type of nose surgery will have the best effect?

The best result of rhinoplasty | The shape of the nose varies from person to person, and sometimes it may be related to their skin. However, based on experience, it is a cosmetic procedure Bony noses It often has a better result.

At بینی های گوشتی People have thicker skin, and this makes surgery more challenging. What looks beautiful in every face has a specific definition and not necessarily a small nose suitable for all faces..

Of nose surgery | nose plastic surgery
People with relatively wider faces should not have their noses too small; Because the components of the face must be in proportion to each other. On the other hand, the form Doll nose It may show on the face of a perfectly beautiful and fit person. Finally, what should be done, before the operation and in consultation with your doctor جراح بینی You have, it turns out.

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End of Natural Male Rhinoplasty

End of natural male nose surgery in the operating room


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دکتر مجید راستی Of nose surgery


Answer your questions

Answer your questions

Answers to your questions with Dr. Majid Rasti

Of nose surgery | Answer your questions

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Questions and answers with Isfahan Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Questions and answers with Isfahan rhinosurgeon Dr. Majid Rasti

Of nose surgery | Questions and answers with Isfahan Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Is there a possibility of death in rhinoplasty?

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The result of the operation immediately after the operation

The result of the operation immediately after the operation

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