Is surgery on the eye affects the nose?

Is surgery on the eye affects the nose?

The impact of surgery on eye

Some people believe that surgery on the nose and eyes can affect vision.
This means that some people say the treatment and poor eye sight has a positive effect against some believe
To the detriment of the eyes or the eyes changes. In the opinion of specialists in this area will tell you.

Usually the nose, eyes bruised and swollen. This condition, if the
Blood and other fluids accumulate in the space around the eyes. The most common symptoms of painful swelling and bruising of the eye. In fact, burgundy and black around the eyes is normal due to the leakage of blood from the capillaries into the tissue under the skin this happens.

Our findings suggest that the bruises around the eyes to not hit, but in some cases may
Signs of infection such as fever, warmth, redness and…

In which case the home care and treatments can be recommended by the surgeon
The problems solved. For example rest,
Cold compress immediately after عمل جراحی And medications that doctors prescribe to relieve swelling and pain reduction can be effective.

The impact of surgery on eye

But the impact of surgery on the nose, the eyes, the eyes of the experts, or nose surgery
The removal of the hump on the eyes does not affect vision. But in cases where the area's hump is removed
Or if the surgeon remove excessive bone of the nose,
So expect to find a large arc when viewed from face-to-face sound that is more distance between eyes
The nose is very curved,
In this case we can say that the eyes have changed, as it was said to be due to abnormal nasal hump removal.

Nose or eyes no effect on vision

But in general, the عمل بینی Has no effect on the eye or eyes
If the changes are not too extreme and normal operations and changes in usual
This will not affect the eyes.. It should be noted also
The nose for those people who had LASIK or use the lens not cause problems.

Finally, for those candidates Nose surgery Are recommended margins and experiences
Avoid the mistakes of others and it is better to go with an experienced surgeon
And the experiences of those principles and did not use correctly and appropriately nose surgery.

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Cold nose and a sign of what?

Cold nose and a sign of what?

Cold weather

English experts in a study found that when a person is under stress and blood volume in the area is analytically بینی Cools.

Using thermal imaging camera experts found that stress causes the nose and face cool.
In dangerous situations, such as when jumping out of the car or escape from the car
The speed with which you come to the parts of the body such as muscles and legs need more blood volume and blood in this case is transferred to the regions.

The Guardian also to some other outward signs of stress, the body that follows:

Feel palpitations: Stress causes the amygdala sends a message to the hypothalamus gland
The hormones secreted in the central nervous system and
Such as: Breathing, heart rate and digestion in control. In the immediate threat, adrenaline is secreted.

As a result, the heart beats faster, muscles cramps and breathing faster.

Having anxiety

Endocrine secrete cortisol or stress
That can regulate body functions in response to stress threats. For example, the digestive system to the arms and legs while running requires less blood and blood flow change when a person experiences a feeling of anxiety.

Having malaise: Frequent secretion of cortisol, for example, in times of acute stress causes
A weakened immune system against colds and infections and talented person and cause malaise and disease.

Cold weather

Inability to control stress: In conditions of chronic stress and frequent performance
In some areas of the brain associated with feelings and physiology functions, the analysis is.

The old feeling

Experts in the study of DNA were found children exposed to chronic stress stress is damage to cells
The level of damage to the cells with several years of wear and tear is.

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Condolences for the incident floods

Condolences for the incident floods

Floods disaster

Iran Shells rain water pipes
Shhrmn air tonight is broken
Do not rain on the way baby remains
But last night the Ydast
Rain hit the ship left Burley
Bradley left the breasts hot
Aynjaby people guilty of Gnahyst
Offers plenty Azsrvt but since Gdayyst
Shit dryness prevails Vqhty
Flood shit that stand Vtvfany
Shells my God Tbahyst
Such injustice Dgrbrmarvanyst
May God have mercy Mzn
The rain Shdst inconvenience
Stone is always lame Habrpay
Spam is speaking Azarzvhaman
Nbaray Abrkm Aynjabharast
These people create the Zarzarast
Shells rain water pipes that Iran had not hit people's hearts is broken

Floods disaster

We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return

Bitter and regrettable incident floods in some areas, causing death and injury during the New Year was a group of dear, it was grief and sorrow Public.

This heart-rending incident, especially grieving families condolences to the people and pray to God for mercy and forgiveness of the victims and wished the injured a speedy recovery, we ask.

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He is a member Society of Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic America and Iran.

The Secretary of the Congress of plastic surgeons years 2011

Do not remove the plaster nose hurt?

Do not remove the plaster nose hurt?

Removing plaster nose

Removing plaster nose is usually painless and free of pain and discomfort, your doctor can usually prescribe pain relievers. The pain is temporary and disappears after a short time.

Remove tampons from the nose after nose surgery

Usually رینوپلاستی , Nasal tampon or put gas bar is usually to protect the inner lining of the nose and stop the bleeding takes place.

Many people on the outside of the tampon and its pain are very concerned and afraid,
But it must be said that removing a tampon if done by professional doctors, not pain.
Usually three days after rhinoplasty, is buffered by foreign doctors.

Is the sutures after rhinoplasty hurt?

Usually after rhinoplasty, Glue the nose, Plaster and stitched nose to nose after the time specified, separated.
In many cases, removing plaster nose or sutures are no special pain.
But sometimes, in some people, due to stretching of the skin when the sutures may cause some pain and discomfort.

Removing plaster nose

Usually in the case of pain, Housing Pain killer prescribed for you..
Keep in mind that nose surgery, the ways in which care of the recovery period should be
Fully taken into account to not create any problems for individual.

Pain or irritation usually can either use special sprays..

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What pulse

Reduce nasal swelling after cosmetic surgery

Reduce nasal swelling after cosmetic surgery

Reduce swelling in the nose

The following recommendations will help you to reduce nasal swelling after surgery. جراحی زیبایی Minimize and speed up the healing process:

• Avoid smoking.

• Drink plenty of water. Dehydration causes the body to hold water, so adequate hydration is important.

• Up to 48 hours of operation do not drink any kind of alcoholic drink.

• doctor's instructions carefully about dressing and bandage to do.

• 48 hours after surgery, only rest and someone to be there in the first 24 hours..
As well as 1 to 2 weeks after surgery, performing strenuous physical activities and avoid heavy exercise.

• semi-seated position and angle of thirty degrees or sleep for two to three weeks the first few pillows under your head.

• For the first few days Reduce nasal swelling Compresses of ice or frozen peas to use.

Reduce nasal swelling

Cortisone injections in inflamed areas

I strongly avoid overheating of the surgical area.
The surgeon is often recommended to be taken cortisone injections in inflamed areas. Expect a gradual recovery in mind.

• The nasal swelling after cosmetic surgery, and length of stay depends on countless factors for
That is unrelated to quickly heal the body.
Skills and techniques used by surgeons in reconstructive surgery of the nose, open versus closed,
Breaking the nasal bones, the number of Nose surgery Previous and using links
Structural factors Cosmetic Surgery
But in no way altered its not rhinoplasty surgery.

We often healing of the body after the damage is not aware. Usually as soon as you stop the pain,
We believe in the healing process has been completed forms.
But as the timing described in the above notice,
This process continues until complete swelling is not perfect sleep.
Usually due to delays in seeing the final results of rhinoplasty surgery, are worried.

The exact identification of the body to heal Program

Accurate recognition program is impossible to heal the body and why doctors only for the period of time during
Complete elimination of nasal swelling after cosmetic surgery claims.
If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact your surgeon and talk about emerging issues.

• unmistakable improvement in nasal swelling after undergoing cosmetic surgery, patience and great flexibility
It takes but remember that resulted in capital
If properly enabled, the lifelong benefits of increased investor will.

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1398 New Year's greetings to their relatives

1398 New Year's greetings to their relatives

Happy New Year 1398

Some say that when spring comes Chu
Looking at flowers and almonds time comes
The trade-off as the faces of loved ones
Uzair is occurring blooms and greenery
Do not be so vain of me
I am not ashamed of idle talk

Sixty times I came to New guest
If there is not other than the six times
The oppressive thumb that the round-up
What comes to her manicured gardens?
I hand her beauty is just a dream
If your eyes Hemi comes Stencils

Happy New Year 1398

Eid Nowrouz celebration

این جشن از کهن ترین جشن های ایرانی است که پژوهشگران بنیاد آن را هند و ایرانی ندانسته اند، بلکه با قید احتمال آن را به اقوام بومی نجد ایران پیش از مهاجرت و آریاییان، منسوب می دانند.
Two invertebrates and celebrate the New Year by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia, and there are two ways to celebrate (Sacred Marriage) و (Akytv) Created later in Mesopotamia, both as a celebration of the New Year celebrations were held,
But on the Iranian plateau until the Islamic period as two independent feast on the remains. N;Tuesday Thus the celebration of "Nowruz", "invertebrates" and "century" Most Iranians are among the national holidays to celebrate religious.

Dear fellows!

Happy New Year coming. In the New Year, 365 days of health, happiness, success, love and friendship and wish you love.

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How taping after nose surgery

How taping after nose surgery

How taping nose

After surgery, nose and swollen nose after surgery helps taping
Swelling of your nose wiped out earlier and accelerate recovery.
Taping in addition to reducing the inflammation and swelling of the nose, causing his nose to get better.

If the adhesive is expected to be carried out systematically and correctly, can cause
The correct pressure on the skin and the nose section is expected to be equal and balanced inflation.
.بسیاری از بیماران فکر می کنند پس از جراحی بینی هرچقدر چسب را محکم تر و طولانی تر بزنند
Drooping nose after surgery to prevent and to reach a more satisfactory results. This thinking is wrong .
Taping nose after nose surgery can be divided into two categories:
چسب زدن بینی در دوران ۳ هفته ی اول پس از عمل و چسب زدن بینی پس از طی سه هفته ی ذکر شده .

The first three weeks.

در سه هفته ی اول پس از عمل با چسب زدن بیمار به بخیه های داخلی نیز کمک می کند تا فرم بینی را متناسب تر نمایند.
For example, at the tip of one's nose large stitches to keep the nose to the head there
That taping helped them so much pressure on them as they do not form a head.
A series of adhesive to the skin by applying adhesive on the upper part of the nose that causes nasal tip
Has been re-skin of the nose that separates the nose sticking out and his form.

It should be noted that if in the first three weeks of fighting is very strong glue
Makes the skin becomes very anemic and suffering from inflammation .

Glue whack on the nose

So because no adhesive whack on the nose is not recommended
Because it is expected to be on line to fall and wounds that make it undesirable to illness..
The second taping after the first three weeks after surgery on the nose is not usually a major role
Only alarm for patients and their family is sick not to blow the nose.
For many doctors two months is enough to glue the nose because during this time, the nose is likely to hit
After two months usually does not affect the nose, not to protect the nose and swelling is not improving.

The correct way of Taping nose

مرحله اول:

Choose a suitable adhesive
1 cm adhesive paper 3M brand is recognized.

مرحله دوم:

Cleaning face
First, clean your face with soap and water and then with cotton
The skin on the nose and cheeks soaked in alcohol to clean carefully. Then you wait 10 minutes until completely dry.

مرحله سوم:

Adhesive cut to the required dimensions
Depending on the size of your nose glued to the following aspects of our cutting:

6 to 8 pieces glued to the size of 3 to 4 cm

2 pieces glued to the size of 10 to 12 cm

مرحله چهارم:

Paste cut adhesive components on the nose

Stand in front of mirror. From the top of the nose down for 3 to 4 cm lateral to the cement paste pieces.
Depending on the size of the projected 3 to 4 to glue the nose hit, so much of each other placed under.
Then gently press the pieces as well stick.

Now the piece of cement is 10 to 12 cm..
Longitudinally to form U (U speak English) To paste the piece under your nose.

وسط نوار چسب باید در زیر نوک بینی قرار گرفته و ادامه نوار از کنار بینی به سمت بالا برود و لبه‌های نوار باید تا نزدیکی زیر
Eye continue.
Note adhesives front nostril breathing is not to not interfere.
The section that Chsbandyd on it to gently rub the nose to stabilize.

Glue a piece of 10 to 12 cm

Similarly, a piece of adhesive 10 to 12 cm above this additional guidelines on
Previous glue beat.

Now again, this time from the bottom up to the transverse nose began to paste your piece of adhesive 3 to 4 cm..
Depending on the size of the projected 3 to 4 to glue the nose hit, so much of each other placed under.
Then gently press the pieces as well stick.

In the end, the small piece of tape that protrudes from the tip of the nose scissors carefully and be separated.

Do not forget when you're busy taping of the nose, the pressure on the nose avoid.

How taping nose

How do we separate the adhesive from the nose?

Carefully open the glue as the nose it is important. Note
One of the goals of postoperative taping of the nose, helping the skin to underlying tissue is sticking,
If the carelessness of one side begin to peel the adhesive from the skin, you have to act contrary to the purposes listed.

It is advisable to remove the glue with hot water in the shower. So that the adhesive on the nose
Well soaked and smeared on the amount of soap is. This facilitates the removal of adhesive.

Now it is slowly beginning to remove the adhesive from the edge of the adhesive surface
So far as possible do not stretch the skin from underlying tissue.

From time to time, we expect to replace glue?

When replacing the nose glue depends on the type of skin a person's nose.
In people with normal skin and fat is normally recommended every other day Glue
Change, but those people who are very fat skin of the nose
می‌توانند هر روز این کار را انجام دهند و درنهایت آن دسته افرادی که پوست بینی خشکی دارند، هر ۳ روز یک بار زمان مناسبی برای تعویض است.

After the adhesive off your nose open up two or three hours to let the skin
Weather eat and breathe so and then proceeded to hit the re-glue.

Except taping techniques can be used to help the inflammation and swelling of the nose
After rhinoplasty reduced?

Both open surgery and closed surgery swelling in the nose after rhinoplasty is quite normal.
Due to the swelling after rhinoplasty is bearing cut marks
که در طول جراحی بر روی بینی زده شده و باعث می‌گردد تا بینی به صورت موضعی متورم شود.
If the patient's nasal bone during surgery is needed to break down
After surgery not only expected but also swollen cheeks and under the eyes become more.
Here are some guidelines that will help to reduce swelling after rhinoplasty nose pointed:

Nasal splint

After a splint or brace for rhinoplasty for a week, on septum is to prevent excessive inflation.
Nasal splints: Tissues under the skin of the nose after rhinoplasty not only domestic but also swollen airways are.
That's why after rhinoplasty surgeons in the airways also offers special splint
Has also reduced inflation and keep the airway open.

Ice packs

Kmprs·hay the ice in the first 24 hours after surgery also helps to reduce swelling in the nose.
But this dump should be placed only on the species and should be avoided putting them directly on the nose isolated.
If the ice can be directly on the nose cartilage or bone graft and it is pasted.


Brmvlyn a drug that is derived from pineapple and has been proven to be sold without a prescription
To treat inflammation associated with surgery to help many. Taking this medication should be started the day before surgery.

If after doing all this way still feel that your nose is swollen
Dont worry because this is perfectly normal.
Usually it can be said that the bruises on the upper third of the nose 5 to 6 months, in the third
Among 6 to 9 months and in the lower third remains for 9 to 12 months.
In general, it takes a full year to swelling after rhinoplasty nose completely be overcome.

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Fat injection What do you know?

Fat injection What do you know?

تزریق چربی

Fat injection is a three-step process that involves removing fat from one part of the body,
Treating the removed fat, and the fat cells to the site of injection needed.

Factors associated with low-fat skin wrinkles can be noted.
The wrinkles may be caused by the laughter, the tears, frown lines around the eyes and temples caused.
If this is not deep wrinkles
به کمک بوتاکساین می توان تا حدی این خطوط را بر طرف کرد و در صورتی که عمیق شود باید به کمک تزریق، این نواحی را بر طرف کرد.
در این روش قسمتی از بافت چربی بدن فرد برداشته می شود و به این نواحی پیوند زده می شود.
This method has many applications in beauty.

Fat injections in case

Remove fat from the body parts of different people, different
And areas with low fat diet is not the best episode will be.
In the best areas to remove fat, thighs and buttocks, flank and belly and knees are areas that are more resistant fat.

This process must be done 2 to 4 times to achieve the best possible result.

The use of fat injections
Fill out thin sunken areas of the face such as the Black Eye
Prosthetic lips, cheeks, chin
بزرگ کردن باسن
Breast Reconstruction
Rejuvenation skin and reduce the appearance of percutaneous coronary
Filling depressed scars and burns

The benefits of using fat injections

Is safe.
The fat tissue is used. So prone to allergic reactions or rejection in this way there.
Because of the possibility of adverse or allergic reaction to an injection of fat in the body does not exist.
The long-term effect.
Fat injection of the gel injection is absorbed at a slower rate.
This means that the result of this action will be more durable.

Prosthetic complications lip gel, lip injections What?

Recovery is achieved in more than one area.
For all those who want to reduce or increase their part of the body is the appropriate method.
That fat one part of the body is removed and immersed in that part of the day.
Is a popular method of injecting fat;
Because your body's fat to be sensitive and do not cause rejection ratio.
از طرفی دیگر ماندگاری بسیار بالا نسبت به سایر دیگر روش ها دارد و امکان جابجایی یا حرکت در زیر پوست را ندارد.

عوارض استفاده از این روش

در حدود ۱ تا ۲ هفته، تورم در ناحیه تزریق شده وجود دارد. عوارض بسیار کمی همراه دارد
و فقط می توان به ورم، کبودی، نامنظمی و ایجاد کیست اشاره نمود. همچنین ممکن است محل تزریق، باعث عفونت گردد
که با استفاده از داروهای آنتی بیوتیک بر طرف خواهد شد.

هزینه استفاده از این روش

حق العمل جراح، هزینه مواد بی حسی، و هزینه تجهیزات مورد استفاده از هزینه های تزریق می باشد.
The total cost of the injection varies in different parts of the fat in the chin by injection in the buttocks injection costs vary.

Care after fat injection

Only after several days of antibiotic use fat injections.
Do not committed to the injection site because it is possible that the fat is removed.
For 7 to 10 days of high pressure to the transfusions and heavy activities like extreme sports and do not bend.
After infusion for a month under the sun, for long-term exposure to hot environments such as saunas, steam avoid.
Fat injections should be done in old age.
Thin people who want to carry out the procedure for resolving their own problems at an early age from doing so to avoid.
A doctor should be coordinated injection of age.

The experiences of those who have fat injections

در آخر بدانید که حتما قبل از انجام این روش انواع تزریق چربی را مطالعه کنید و از انجام این روش در سنین پایین جداً خودداری کنید
Your age and your doctor. If you are excluding those people
This process made the comments at the end of this post you can share your experiences with others may give.


Cosmetic surgery for the elderly

Cosmetic surgery for the elderly

عمل جراحی زیبایی

It is clear that men and women want to look good at any age and turned to cosmetic surgery.
Today, even many older people who are still able to work, do not want to reveal his real age
They know the culture and the modern business world against them.
Youthful appearance can be key to gaining jobs and cosmetic surgery is a way to make beautiful appearance.

Age does not cause

The good news is that cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery and you've done well in terms of facilities,
In general, any age is safe.
For a healthy person, age does not cause,
But cosmetic surgeons have for people over 65 years of changes and modifications to the surgical technique do.
For example, many anesthetists to perform the surgical procedures, limits are
And in this age group, cosmetic surgery after extensive cosmetic surgery to change the shape of the patient's body abstain.
Fortunately, the elderly more than the appearance of his face, that the dress how they look, pay attention.

عمل جراحی زیبایی

Of 65-year-old every day more people are looking for a solution to the problems of their appearance.
Regardless of whether or not to be blamed because.
When the people of what they see and what they feel in the mirror
Different view, rather than adapt to this situation, it is possible to find a solution to fall.

This group is more active and lively than ever.
They have a long life with the help of medical science, coordinate the look and feel
In having a good job, success in business and see good appearance.

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13 ways to eliminate black eye

13 ways to eliminate black eye

darkness around the eyes

Black around the eyes can have many different reasons.
Some of the reasons for black under the eyes can be hereditary factors, lack of sleep, stress, lifestyle and poor nutrition is.
If you want to know what a black eye and know ways to eliminate black eye,
Continue Reading.

Because a black eye

Black under and around the eyes can be one of the following reasons.

Arsykm factors Khvabyastrssbk Zndgytghzyh Namnasbkmbvd some vitamin Hakm air Khvnyalvdgy
It may also be due to rupture of capillaries around the eyes are black.

Although chemical products for the treatment helps eliminate black eye
But for many people who have very sensitive skin,
The only proper home remedies can help relieve under eye darkness.

Read more 9 ways to treat eye dark circles

If excessive dry skin or eczema like some of the more inflammatory substances that in these cases should consult with a dermatologist..

1. Wash your face with cold water
Cold water causes skin clarity, and the water is so warm contrast dark skin
So try it in the shower or washing your face with cold water throughout the day to do it now.

2. Fix the black eye grated potatoes

Another way to remove the black eye in a week, potatoes.
Grate some potatoes and water to get it. A hose to the brush.. Close your eyes and cotton on your eyes.

Make sure that all cotton dark area under the eyes and eyelids covers.
Let's put on the eyes for 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water site..

darkness around the eyes

3. Cold tea bags around the eyes to eliminate dark

A simple method for getting rid of eye dark circles, use cold tea.
Tea bag of chamomile tea or green tea, preferably a soak in water.
It sometime in the fridge and then put on your eyes. Regularly use this method to see significant improvement.

4. Almond helps to remove dark eye

Almond oil contains vitamin E and vitamin C are effective to eliminate blur and shadows around the eyes. Methods are easy.
Just rub almond oil and massage gently in his dark areas. Let's stay a night on the eyes and wash it next morning.

5. Tomato

Tomatoes are an excellent method for removing dark under the eyes,
Because naturally reduces dark circles around the eyes and the skin is soft and tender.
What you need to do is take a teaspoon of tomato juice mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice and put it under your eyes.

Allow me to stay about 10 minutes and then rinse with water.
Repeat this treatment at least twice a day.. You can also
Daily tomato juice with lemon juice and mint leaves to get rid of a black eye drink.

6. Cucumbers hydrating and healing skin problems

Cucumbers and plenty of water to hydrate the skin and is a natural moisturizer and emollient is.
Hydrate the skin makes blood vessels work better and seem transparent skin.

Cucumbers cut in refrigerator for 30 minutes and then put on your eyes.
After 10 minutes rinse with cold water site..
Pale and dark rings around the eyes after a while and refreshment eyes
You will feel your.

7. Make Banana Mask

Banana skin is very effective for treating blemishes and dark.
100 g banana contains large amounts of folic acid, vitamins A, C, E, K, sodium, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and is Karatn.

All the ingredients necessary for skin and cause skin refreshed and recharged and transparency.
Using bananas as a mask on the face and around the eyes and dark patches under the eyes is greatly reduced.

8. Spinach real and natural bleaching

Spinach contains water, protein, Nshas·h, iron, sodium, potassium and vitamins B and
And because of Nshas·h and other materials in its bleaching properties is .
Use raw spinach as a face for a white skin makes
And removing the darkness.

9. Use lemon

Vitamin C in lemon to eliminate blur.
Lemon rich in vitamin C and in addition to its anti-bacterial and germicidal properties has produced clear.
Rub the lemon and dark spots on the skin and around the eyes to reduce.

10. Brine

Water and salt spray in the nose, around the eyes to reduce blur!

Salt causes water pressure dropped nose and sinuses are swollen veins if
They reduced inflation. Water and salt spray in the nose, through the mouth and breathe out through the nose.

11. Accessories

Rose water helps in skin rejuvenation and for their aesthetic properties known.
It can also quickly destroy a black eye.
Only cotton balls in rose water and place them on your eyes.

After 10 minutes rinse with cold water. To view the result, repeat every night for a month.

12. Cold milk

استفاده منظم از شیر سرد نیز تیرگی زیر چشم را کاهش می دهد و همچنین چشم ها و پوست شما را آرام می کند.
A cotton ball into some milk in a bowl of cold water with ice cubes
And then using it to cover the dark areas around the eyes.
Hold it for a while and then rinse with tap water.

۱۳- یوگا / مدیتیشن

One of the main reasons for the creation of black around the eyes, stress, depression and lifestyle is wrong.

If your mind is not calm, home remedies do not answer.
Regular yoga practice and Mdytysn, not only reduces dark under the eyes but also your body time to calm the mind, spirit and body are regularly.

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