تفاوت جراحی پلاستیک و زیبائی

The difference in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery should not be called. Perhaps 10 percent of plastic surgery, beauty is in relation to issues.

The word plastic comes from the root which means to give form and shape change of members. Form users can be changed with this surgery. Plastic surgery for the same shall be called cosmetic surgery. Perhaps 10 percent of plastic surgery, beauty is in relation to issues.

This is a small subset of surgery, plastic surgery, which is different from the head to the tip of the foot can act. In the field of hair transplantation, scalp and facial lesions, lesions change shape toe surgery, cheek, nose, jaw and facial fractures, deformities of the jaw, congenital lesions, such as slots and the like will work. Even prominent ears, dormant, or individuals without the ears, Chin, neck, ptosis and Shelley tumors, tumor form giving to places that have taken shape and fits in the category of the fallen.

In the lower extremity, breast reconstruction acts that have been cut, large and small breast, pulling the skin of the abdomen, liposuction, wounds, Burns, random waste, staying naked body that does not have the muscle or skin, in this category will be. That is, a physician in the field almost from the top to the bottom of the body surgery. Medical field which came to have all this wide? General plastic surgery, reconstruction, operation or improvement of members that have been lesion. Sometimes, that is to say cosmetic surgery, because in addition to reconstruction, his limbs than normal azwada we also. Of course, this is not a very precise definition, definition, but is a subset of plastic surgery

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